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Miss Constitution has appeared on television and radio and speaks publicly on American history, the founding documents, and current political issues.

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I was very unfocused in my youth and never really obtained a grasp of the philosophical underpinnings of our system of government or even basic civics. Miss Boyd makes hard subjects easy to learn. Very inspiring.”
– Education Law Graduate Student

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Miss C is taking questions you have about the US Constitution. Simply submit your questions and she’ll reply to you with answers. Great questions may be featured in her blog as well as added to an FAQ page. 


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    The Federalist Papers

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    “We must educate ourselves and our children in these areas. This is a “must read” for American citizens.”
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    “Apples of Gold – Voices From the Past that Speak to Us Now” by M.E. Boyd, is a survey of American history, philosophy, and culture from 1620 to WW1. It has something to say that is important to us now. Find the book at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

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    Follow Miss Constitution about our Founding documents and Economic system. This is knowledge that Empowers.

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    God Sends the Titanic the Help She Needs

    Miss Constitution wrote last week in Full Speed Ahead Into the Ice Field that our Ship of State is headed for the same sure disaster that befell the White Star passenger ship in 1912. A relatively small number of persons, with significant public support, have hijacked our nation and intend

    Full Speed Ahead Into the Ice Field, Like the Titanic

    My goodness, Miss Constitution thought that we had learned something from the tragedy of the Titanic in 1912 but evidently not. In looking at pictures of the Captain of the Titanic there can be no greater representative of the Edwardian Age other than King Edward VII himself. There is

    Augusta National Golf Club, Women’s Amateur – 2021

    This is Master’s Week in the United States. This is when all attention for those who love golf go to Augusta, Georgia and the most important golf tournament in the world. “I care nothing for golf, Miss Constitution, what an elitist bit of nonsense!” Now, now. Those who hate

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