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Miss Constitution has appeared on television and radio and speaks publicly on American history, the founding documents, and current political issues.

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I was very unfocused in my youth and never really obtained a grasp of the philosophical underpinnings of our system of government or even basic civics. Miss Boyd makes hard subjects easy to learn. Very inspiring.”
– Education Law Graduate Student

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Miss C is taking questions you have about the US Constitution. Simply submit your questions and she’ll reply to you with answers. Great questions may be featured in her blog as well as added to an FAQ page. 


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    Follow Miss Constitution about our Founding documents and Economic system. This is knowledge that Empowers.

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    Assuring Personal Security – Part II

    In Assuring Personal Security – Part I it was stated that the more significant Amendment relative to gun ownership and use by individual American citizens for personal security is the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, not the 2nd Amendment. “No State shall make or enforce any law which

    Assuring Personal Security

    The national conversation we are having regarding the 2nd Amendment and guns, in general, might best be discussed as a security issue, rather than a Constitutional issue, as it is really not about arms, per se. Some background: The Founders were well-educated in the classics and looked to the Roman

    Restoring the Human Heart in Our Children

    Sitting on a porch talking with friends, this was said: “I used to be a stickler for the rules when I was teaching but now no teacher would dare.” Dare what? Dare set rules and standards in public schools and enforce them without fear of bodily harm. Bodily harm

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