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Are These the Men?

By |Miss C's Blog|

“Are these the men with which I am to defend America?” George Washington to his officers at the Battle at Kip’s Bay In 1776, having lost humiliatingly to the British at Long Island, George Washington decided, reluctantly, to abandon

Another Fine Mess

By |Miss C's Blog|

“Now look at the fine mess you’ve gotten us into.”  Laurel and Hardy, 1931 What a mess indeed.  In Gullible Goeth Before the Fall, it was indicated that the situation relative to public policy for America is so tangled that

A Sliver of Light

By |Miss C's Blog|

“Miracles enable us to judge of doctrine, and doctrine enables us to judge of miracles.”  Blaise Pascal 1623-1662. Shall we just say that a miracle remains inexplicable.  For many prominent modern philosophers, if something cannot be proved, that something

The Gullible Goeth Before the Fall

By |Miss C's Blog|

“[It] was painful that I was so gullible.”  Michael Pillsbury, advisor to several administrations regarding China policy; considered the leading expert on China.  The Hundred Year Marathon. It is extremely rare and refreshing to have someone in power and influence

A Battle Has Been Lost – Part 2

By |Miss C's Blog|

Last week, in “A Battle Has Been Lost”,  Americans were asked to take responsibility as individuals for the loss of the cultural battle that has been waged against America’s national values and legal framework.  As this column is being

A Battle Has Been Lost

By |Miss C's Blog|

"If a battle cannot be won do not fight it."  – Sun Tzu, Chinese military leader, 544-496 BC For those of you who are in a state of disbelief regarding the civil institutions of the United States, they have,

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