Published On: March 17th, 2024

“Why shoot the bridegroom after a shotgun wedding?” – unknown, but a comment made when the Supreme Court changed positions on New Deal legislation when Franklin Roosevelt threatened to pack the Supreme Court in the 1930s.

Last week in Miss Constitution’s column, The Heart and The Hammer, she advised that you forget listening to pundits (even your favorites) and for now discern what is true from your empirical senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling).  This is because there are so many artificially created “facts” and distorted images or omissions of images that one cannot tell political truth from fiction at this time.

Miss Constitution stands by her statement that our Constitutional Republic has been suspended. To get it back, if that is what a majority of citizens want, will take hard individual, daily effort by every American and every resident who wants to be a part of our grand experiment in the development of the individual person.  Both political parties have significant corruption (though not all in positions of trust are corrupt); Congress refuses to proceed in regular order so that We the People can get a real idea of what is being proposed and its cost; and some persons currently serving and retired from the Executive Branch, involving critical intelligence and defense policy, border on betrayal.

Miss Constitution feels it is unnecessary to name names.  If citizens are watching, listening, tasting, and smelling they know exactly who has, is, and wants to betray them. In her view, our laser focus needs to be on the Republican Party. 

The Republican Party is the bridegroom in a shotgun wedding.  They have been co-opted to appear as an opposition to the Democrat Party that is now openly Marxist, without apology, intending to make good on transforming America as part of the global hegemony run by an oligarchy of international bankers, media magnets, and corporate political sycophants. None of these players has any interest in “brown people” as one commentator mentioned on CNN, and will themselves be subject to the same tyranny they wish upon other Americans. China, North Korea, and Iran will see to that.

The Democrat Party is not the problem. They are very clear about what they want (and have wanted since at least 1912) and how they intend to get it. Their political strategies over time have finally overwhelmed the system. Your senses surely have noticed:

Democrat Party funded efforts to destroy public safety by defunding the police, placing non-functioning District Attorneys in key states and cities, providing sanctuaries for known violent terrorists and criminals so that they can be released into communities to physically injure, maim, or kill innocent human beings.  In unison, Democrats vote into office persons responsible for the death of their own children and others.  Such is the power of branding – one can see it, hear it, smell it and taste it.

Democrat Party funded efforts to eviscerate America’s entire system of public education, its once-respected institutions of higher learning, and even what is left of its top-of-the-line innovation in complex defense systems for the armed forces, including the Space Force. No amount of available wealth will save American families from the results of a lack of an effective national defense.  Our military and intelligence operations must be second-to-none. In unison, Democrats vote into office persons responsible for the miseducation of our children and the diminution of our military.  Such is the power of branding – one can see it, hear it, smell it and taste it.

Democrat Party funded efforts to crush the pride most Americans feel in their communities, in their families, in their faith, and in their own skin and background.  The entire industry of race-based hate education against white Americans, Jewish Americans, Asian Americans and others as an attempt to inspire “social justice” is, of course, its opposite.  These efforts have been highly successful in some main-line Christian Churches, stewing in a kind of white self-loathing. In unison, Democrats vote into office persons responsible for racial division, racial chaos, and racial violence. Such is the power of branding – one can see it, hear it, smell it and taste it.

Why would the Democrat Party support these things when all Democrats will eventually be injured, also?

Miss Constitution has no explanation for the inexplicable. She also does not know why the Republican Party would go along with it except that the corruption has gone deep and they have enjoyed the cover of a faux bipartisanship under the direction of Democrat and Republican leadership – the bridegroom with a gun to his head. When in power they seem unable to lead. Citizens must HEAR and SEE the following to have any confidence that the Republican Party can help restore the sanity now required to bring back our Constitutional system and Rule of Law:

The public must hear and see new Republican Party leadership. Proteges of current bridegrooms are unacceptable. There can be no more “projects” created whose purpose is to persuade Republicans to destroy other Republicans. The Party must state a mission in concert with the Constitution, govern by its word, and admit any error when error is made. The Party must encourage honest political journalism as the critical eyes and ears for We the People.

The public must hear and see a commitment by Republican Party leadership to end earmarks and other self-serving practices. Deep-seated Republican corruption must come to an end.

The public must hear and see an intention by Republican Party leadership to restore regular order in Congress.  This means that Bills have one subject, not three or more, be readable and understandable, go through extensive public hearings in specialized Committees so that intended and unintended consequences can be fleshed out, amendments proposed, and, if the Bill is passed, sent to the other House for the same long process.

What if the Republican Party continues to go to the altar under duress?  What if the Republican Party cannot bring itself to be worthy intellectual opposition to the suspension and dismantling of our Constitutional Republic?

The Party must be disbanded and a new opposition Party formed.

Miss Constitution would remind readers that our federal government is composed of three CO-EQUAL branches – Congress (the legislative branch), the President and executive officials (the executive branch), and the Supreme Court and lesser federal courts (the judicial branch).  Each is supposed to display utmost courtesy and comity to the other.  When Franklin Roosevelt was stymied by the Supreme Court he gave a friendly fireside chat on the radio and offered to “help” the Justices.  The Court caved under the immense pressure of his popularity.

In today’s world, we simply entrap our opposition in its own corruption and drag them to the altar.  Why shoot the bridegroom after a shotgun wedding?  He’s already agreed to the arranged marriage.

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