Published On: April 27th, 2024

“And so, from hour to hour, we ripe and ripe. And then, from hour to hour, we rot and rot; and thereby hangs a tale.” William Shakespeare

Each of us still living will have something to say about what that tale will be.  Miss Constitution has asked readers repeatedly to use their empirical senses to get some sense of reality today in lieu of listening to pundits even if one currently agrees with the sentiments expressed. Be Where Your Feet Are, asks readers to be only in the present, look around, ask questions, and take a moment to examine official policy. Today represents the last moments Americans themselves will be able to determine the world their children and grandchildren will live in. 

What does Miss Constitution see?

Miss Constitution sees a decomposing American culture.

Miss Constitution sees a large number of unexposed but compromised public servants.

Miss Constitution sees American bankruptcy.

If what Miss Constitution sees is accurate, are Americans paying attention?

To some extent she thinks Americans may not be paying full attention for understandable reasons.  Americans are preoccupied.  They have families to take care of, businesses to run, and problems in life to solve.  Americans expect the best and the brightest to educate themselves and give back to society with their inventions and genius.  America publicly educates for societal and personal function, but also to identify a voice heard once in a hundred years; notice in an otherwise silent child an ability unmatched elsewhere; honor exceptionalism; and encourage the inculcation of moral values in children as well as in adults.

In other words, Americans are busy.  This is a good thing.  It was assumed by most Americans that the cultural and governance structure so dearly fought for would take care of the stability needed to get on with life.  Those elected or appointed to high public office were to have certain expertise in the private sector that could be translated into the public sector as a gift to their community, state, or nation.  They were to be true servants of We the People.  George Washington was a true servant of We the People.  So was John Dickinson; so was James Wilson.

This ideal, however, is not the reality of our history.

What is the reality, then, of our history?

The reality of our history is that after the compass was perfected and safe exploration possible, many European nations vied for trade positions in North America.  Not all were interested in colonizing but all were interested in commerce.  What the Europeans brought to the table were advanced features of their civilizations that included material things and notions of human progress.  Native Americans liked the trade and the material possessions but were mostly unfamiliar with the notions of private property, (including Wills, heirs, and the required record-keeping) libraries, court houses, and Christian religious convictions.  The British favored settlement in addition to commerce.  They vied with the French, the Dutch, and the Spanish.  British civilization took root.  Great Britain won the battle of the European states at great expense culminating in the French and Indian War (1756-63) that expanded Britain’s holdings to the Mississippi River.  The British taxed their American colonists for some of the costs of the war and the Americans revolted.  British arrogance against loyal colonists did not help.

The American Revolution should never have taken place.  Having taken place it should not have been won by the Americans.  The British licked their chops to get America back.  They never stopped plotting various schemes to do so. What unexpectedly came out of an historic event that had little chance of success is a governance system unmatched in the history of the world.  One of those rare moments in history when by chance the exact right people come together to produce an amazing road map for humankind – a Constitution and Bill of Rights that respects the development of the individual and rejects an all-powerful state.

What is not widely known or taught at any level is that the plot to subvert America was hatched before George Washington ever took office as the first President (1789).  America has been the prize for a European banking cartel, in partnership with other organizations, since our founding.  The cartel (syndicate) thrives only with a centralized state, not with limited government and a system that empowers the person.  The Enlightenment philosophies were soon challenged by an agent of the cartel who promoted a centralized state in the form of socialism and communism – Karl Marx.  America had a chance to avoid the tentacles of this vicious partnership, losing a great President in the process, but our own corruption in the form of some corporate foundations, some university intellectuals, and compromised US Presidents and civil servants, has led us to join rather than avoid the den of this evil.

In an irony not lost on all historians, the very success of our economic system, articulated by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations, became our downfall.  The great fortunes produced by capitalism that were partly to be used to better our society were instead used to fund the objectives of the banking cartel to create a global centralized monetary system controlled by a few.  This system thrives on war and chaos, funds both sides of any conflict, creates artificial justifications for its takeover of democratic systems, and destroys cultural institutions that threaten its stranglehold on societies.  This is all done under the remarkably efficient distortion of our own English language.  The bottom line is that the banking/corporate/foundation/university cartel has apparently won.  America is bankrupt; our culture is in shreds; and some of the great fortunes made because of America are being used to injure her.

If you are correct, Miss Constitution, is there a way out of this mess?

Only if there is a will to do so.  Only if the same will and leadership that won an impossible revolution in 1783 is brought to bear on the facts we experiencing today.  Only if Americans are willing to put aside their busy lives for a moment and simply put a stop to the nonsense.  In our American culture we begin with humble prayer.  We must ask forgiveness for our inattention and neglect and for our ungratefulness for the gifts from God our Founders provided for us.  We must pray for great leaders to emerge unafraid for their own lives.  We can take our country back by unleashing its great economic strength unapologetically and reclaiming control of our finances.  We start by auditing the Federal Reserve, decoupling from cartel global banks and the United Nations, and moving the UN out of America.

Yes, we “ripe” and then “rot”, as William Shakespeare tells us, but we can still control the tale.  It is not too late for us to control the tale if We the People commit to it with firmness of purpose.  Americans are not to be underestimated.

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