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M.E. Boyd, "Miss Constitution" is an attorney, author, and instructor in Business, Educational, and Constitutional Law. She has appeared on television and radio and speaks publicly on American history, the founding documents, and current political issues. Her mission is to help citizens understand the Founding philosophies behind the system so that we can-together-help preserve the blessings of liberty and prosperity. Read more about Miss C

Let’s Roll…

2021-09-14T23:21:46-04:00By |Miss C's Blog|

Last week I said that “Americans now cannot tell reality from its perception.” The inability to do so prevents individuals from accurately analyzing factual data and taking appropriate and effective

What’s Old is New Again

2021-08-03T23:14:15-04:00By |Miss C's Blog|

America started educating its young children officially (1642) within one generation of surviving the famine and disease that killed most of the early colonists. The purpose of this education

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