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M.E. Boyd, "Miss Constitution" is an attorney, author, and instructor in Business, Educational, and Constitutional Law. She has appeared on television and radio and speaks publicly on American history, the founding documents, and current political issues. Her mission is to help citizens understand the Founding philosophies behind the system so that we can-together-help preserve the blessings of liberty and prosperity. Read more about Miss C

Whispering Joe Biden

2021-06-29T16:19:07-04:00By |Miss C's Blog|

Miss Constitution was watching Joe Biden give an address recently and he inexplicably started whispering into the microphone. Perhaps he was hoping people would listen more carefully to what he

Yuka Saso

2021-06-08T21:04:33-04:00By |Miss C's Blog|

In spectacular fashion, a sporting event on television unintentionally encapsulated one of the most critical issues of our day. The United States Women’s Open, held at the Olympic Club in

Illud Consummare!

2021-06-02T11:37:47-04:00By |Miss C's Blog|

Miss Constitution was catching the news the other night and a young man about twenty was being interviewed regarding the Memorial Day holiday. “Do you know why we celebrate

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