Published On: December 21st, 2023

“He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat. . .”  Julia Ward Howe, the Battle Hymn of the Republic, 1862.

As the national indignities pile up the American public is treated to books and ads on the “end times” or the “reckoning” in which the chosen (predestined) rise to glory in heaven and the rest of us simply disappear.  Miss Constitution would respectfully say we are not in end times but paralyzed times.  In trying to describe the satanic, the works of the devil, evil at its most glaring (Hamas taking selfies of outrages to infants and children, for instance), words fail, as English adjectives simply cannot capture the essence of what satanic is.  The essence of what the satanic is, is fevered energy – evil is all fevered energy all the time.  As Saul Alinsky advised – never stop the pressure; never stop creating chaos; never stop destroying; never stop defiling, never stop blaspheming, never stop lying, never stop looting, never stop burning, never stop disrespecting, never stop elevating the psychopathic and diminishing the devoted, never stop worshiping satan and the evil he lures us to acquiesce to.

“Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer Him! . . .”

But we are not swift to answer Him – we are paralyzed, passive, and silent.  Someone puts up an altar to satan at the Iowa State Capitol and we are told satanism is a religion that must be respected under the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Not true.  It is not a religion it is an insult to religion.  It is an insult to the very Foundations of this nation and our Moral Law.  The Constitution of the United States and the bevy of mediocre and confused rulings regarding its intent and meaning over the last 200+ years is the Supreme Positive Law of the Land, it is not the Supreme Law of our land.  Moral Law is the Supreme Law of the Land and it is based on Judaism and Christianity and our primary duty to God and our secondary duty to each other within the tenets of these two Faiths.  A satanic altar by government actors need not be tolerated under our Constitutional system nor satanic after-school clubs promoted by Alinsky-inspired public school administrators.

Someone in authority in the Iowa Capitol allowed this display.  To answer Him we must find out who did this and sound out the trumpet.  We must then swiftly publicly cleanse the area that housed this display until its noxious toxicity is neutralized.  This display is not protected symbolic speech and it is not a free exercise of religion, as maliciously reviling God has been, until very recent times, a punishable common law and statutory crime.  Whoever thought this acceptable must face severe consequences.  A Marine passerby (one who did answer) took it down immediately, thank goodness.

“He hath loosed the fateful lightening of His terrible swift sword. . .”

Where is the public energy when a teenage girl gets her teeth knocked out and her jaw broken by a post-puberty male who can only succeed through the notion that boys can be girls and girls can be boys?  Where is the public energy when licensed surgeons and their surgical nurses cut off healthy tissue, rearrange healthy organs, prescribe life-altering drugs and call it gender-affirming care?  Where is the terrible swift sword of exposure, of shame, of de-licensing?  Where is the public energy when strippers are reading to your elementary school children; when drag queens are sexually grooming your children for future experimentation; when so-called librarians are introducing pornography to your 5 year-old?  It is not God who should loose the fateful lightening, but parents, citizens, and those in public trust.  Where are members of the Cloth?

Somehow satan has convinced some of the public that our Constitutional system tolerates the intolerable.  Not true.  Our system tolerates thought – it does not necessarily tolerate thought as action or thought translated into indoctrination.  The Constitution is a simple set of Rules so that a stable society can provide the most opportunity and the most hope for the most people.  The Rules already provide for equality under the law; the Rules already provide for Free Speech on public policy; the Rules already provide for worship as one sees fit.  What the Rules do not provide for is public tolerance of disobedience, of the obscene, of the profane, of anarchy, of chaos, of equal outcomes, of the elevation of the meritless, or of incoherent ideologies foisted on a generally good people to freeze them into inaction.  The Mayor of Boston, as a government actor, is not allowed to throw an official holiday party and say those of a certain skin color cannot attend.  The terrible swift sword must force her to resign or she must be defeated at the polls.  Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity spells “die”as in the death of the American experiment in the development of the person within the Rule of Law.

“Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with His heel. . .”

Crushing the serpent takes energy.  Replacing evil with good takes energy.  Saying “no” and “no more” takes energy.  Putting God first takes energy.  It is not just chaos, however, that freezes a good people –   satan also wants to remove a remembrance of the fabric of American culture and history.  The idea is that it will go unnoticed in the busy holiday season.  A Commission was formed by the current federal administration to destroy commemoration of our history.  Under the guidance of Ty Seidule, a retired general, a statue commemorating Reconciliation between North and South at Arlington Cemetery is to be removed right before Christmas.  It was sculpted by a Jewish veteran of the Civil War and honored by every President since Woodrow Wilson.  They would remove its base but Moses Ezekiel is buried there.  A Naming Commission has changed the names of historic forts; has recommended Founding Fathers be removed and forgotten; is about to desecrate what is sacred to a landmark in American history.  Our full and accurate history, free and open to the public, is how we learn and grow in personal and public virtue. Locals should stand in the way of tyranny, circle it, and protect the statue.

“I have seen Him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps,
They have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps;
I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps:
His day is marching on.”

Miss Constitution would say, call out the trumpets, be swift with your sword, crush the serpent with your heel – take back your children, your sanity, and your country – satan can be defeated if you see him in your everyday life.  Not only does he paralyze you with chaos, he works at the lowest levels of the engines of society.  He joins Boards and Planning Commissions and low-level political entities.  He knows that at these levels energy is at its lowest.  This is where, however, the real destruction of society often takes place.

Be the watch-fire in your community.  Stand in the way of the rope around George Washington’s neck; of the desecration of sacred graves and monuments; of the debauching of your children; and of the loss of knowledge of the great philosophers who gave our Founding documents life.  Support those who, without need of validation, give their full measure in thought and deed to their country and its Judeo-Christian values.  The satanic will always have high energy; the Righteous must have it, as well.

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