Apples of Gold book by M.E. Boyd
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Apples of Gold

“Apples of Gold – Voices From the Past that Speak to Us Now” is about the basic roots of American culture, government, and politics. M.E. Boyd examines the words of American leaders, both political and cultural, that shed an understanding of how America came to be. She examines what is unique in our culture and our history seeking to provide guidance on how we can steer a positive course for the future. Apples of Gold is available at Amazon in paperback, on Kindle and Audible.

“We must educate ourselves and our children in these areas. This is a “must read” for American citizens.”
– Amazon Review

“Boyd has written the most readable book about the story of America that has been published in years…Apples of Gold will now be at my right hand and will be used quite often as a guide to my readings of American history. A must-read for all.”
– Richard Spencer, The Cape Gazette

“A Timely Essential Read: This book should be in every school and adult classroom….This is no dry history book, but rather a guided tour of…why the founding documents, especially the U.S. Constitution, is relevant and important, and why we need to take care with it!”
– Amazon Review

“This book is a clear, fact-based and logical expression of the true story of the United States of America. Written in a way easily grasped by young and older readers alike. This should be a standard reading requirement of our educational system in America.”
– Amazon Review