M.E. Boyd Profile Picture

M.E. Boyd, “Miss Constitution”

Attorney, author, and instructor in Business, Educational, and Constitutional Law

Traveling From: Mid-Atlantic
Speaker Fee: Negotiable


  • Appeared on TV and Radio
  • Speaks publicly on American history, the founding documents, and current political issues
  • Instructor in Constitutional Law
  • Author of Apples of Gold – Voices From the Past that Speak to Us Now

Get Miss C to speak at your event or to your group. She is available for keynotes, one-time speeches of any length, workshops on civics, Constitutional conversations, seminars, panels, and more.


“I thought I knew a little about American history and specifically the Constitution. I found out I have much to learn. Excellent presentation.”
– Private Club Speech Attendee

“Coupled with her passion, enthusiasm, and charming wit, her great command of the subject matter inspired me to study and learn on my own.”
– Education Law Graduate Student

“Having been to her lectures over forty times, I can praise her keen intellect. She is top-tier.”
– Lifelong Learning Workshop Student

Topics Include

Miss Constitution will guide a workshop about The Founding documents — Mayflower Compact; Articles of Confederation; Northwest Ordinance; Constitution of the United States.  She will cover American history as fact not ideology; civics and the duties we have as citizens of this country; the philosophies behind the rules in the Constitution; our economic system and its relationship to the Constitution; our personal, natural, political, and human rights protected and guaranteed by the Constitution and the exceptions and restrictions on those rights; how our system differs from other systems and why ours has lasted.

Other topics within this workshop include tests for knowing how to evaluate policy put forward by politicians, the requirements of quintessential citizenship and social justice, and the definitions of commonly used words and the Supreme Court cases that have helped and hurt us as a nation. These workshops are ideal for political party clubs, organizations like the League of Women Voters, educational centers, staff and candidates for political office, social and other clubs. Includes questions and discussion.

Speeches on Specific Topics
For groups interested in specific aspects of the Constitution such as the Bill of Rights or groups with specific agendas such as amending the Constitution or specific cases such as Citizens United; part of a panel discussion on specific topics. Speeches by Miss Constitution can be tailored to your preferred length and includes questions and discussion.

Book Discussion and Review of Apples of Gold
A discussion and review of “Apples of Gold – Voices From the Past that Speak to Us Now” regarding American history and culture from 1620 to WWI — how America can pursue a positive course for the future.