Published On: March 12th, 2024

“We are all capable of believing things which we know to be untrue, and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twisting the facts so as to show that we were right.”  – George Orwell

Last week in Bud Light and the American Brand, Miss Constitution took the above thought a little further and posited that “branding” can be so scientifically effective today that many people have no idea what is untrue, do not know when their untruths have been proved wrong, so do twist all known-to-be-authenticated facts to what they have been branded to believe.  Anyone who has tried to have a discussion with family members or friends, vowing to keep it civilized, are not surprised when snow is declared black by a family member. On these occasions one automatically puts one’s fork down and simply sits back in silence.

If American society has been moved to lose its ability to reason inductively and/or deductively, has been bombarded with advanced methods of “branding” so that snow is believed to be black, and has deliberately failed to educate each generation regarding the foundations of our Constitutional Republic, what can each American adult do?

Miss Constitution recommends going immediately to the empirical – that which I see, that which I hear, that which I taste, that which I smell. Vow to take immediate individual action on empirical facts. For now our Constitutional system is suspended (last week Miss Constitution said “lost” but perhaps “suspended” is more accurate).  An empirical shift can help provide a bridge to reality that can sustain our society for a short period of time as people attempt to sort through the attack on what they may have thought was an impregnable system operating on auto-pilot. Miss Constitution calls this critical period “The Heart and The Hammer.”  For example:

A high-school female field hockey player was hit in the face by the wooden ball at full force by a male player identifying as a girl.  Her teeth were knocked out and she has had to go through major surgeries to repair the bones in a severely fractured face.  The physicians and her family see and hear her cries of anguish. This is the empirical. The fact of her injury is authenticated, not by words or the scientifically created message, but by the witnessed deed.  Your Heart reaches out for this young girl, your Hammer must come down hard on those responsible.

A young 3- year old boy is dropped off a border boundary into the United States by a member of a foreign drug cartel who pins a telephone number on his shirt and hopes someone in the United States will find him before he dies of exposure. If he lives the cartel is probably owed money. He is dropped ten feet but manages to stagger to his feet. He knows tears will avail him nothing. He stands mute. A video camera captures this scene and he is rescued but released to unvetted adults. This is the empirical. The fact of his injury is authenticated, not by words or the scientifically created message, but by the witnessed deed. Your Heart reaches out for this young boy, your Hammer must come down hard on those responsible.

An elderly woman, her walker in front of her, is shuffling slowly down a New York City street.  A passerby deliberately cold-cocks her into a parking meter – head first. Again, a video camera catches the scene. She lies silent. People walk past her. This is the empirical. The fact of her injury is authenticated, not by words or the scientifically created message, but by the witnessed deed. Your Heart reaches out for this woman, your Hammer must come down hard on those responsible.

To end this national nightmare the Hammer must come down hard in your family

To end this national nightmare the Hammer must come down hard in your community

To end this national nightmare the Hammer must come down hard in your nation

Last week, in addition to advising a rehabilitation of the empirical, Miss Constitution warned that resistance to scientific branding is futile. It can only be stopped by stepping aside and letting the force of the untruth collapse upon itself.  Moving to trust your own senses instead of what a professor, television commentator, or social media influencer tells you is “true” is an action called “sidestepping.”  Your senses tell you what is authenticated fact, but that is not enough.  You must then, with like-minded others, put down a hard Hammer on the illegal and unlawful.

There will be no personal reward for this action.  Your children might say they resent you when their phone must be turned off for family dinner. They may curse you as the Chinese Communist Party’s giant social media platform, Tic Toc, is banned by you as dangerous.  They might say you have ruined their lives as you pull them from a public school that is debauching their moral core but has a good sports team that attracts your child.  Members of ethnic communities may say you have abandoned your people.

Leaders in your schools, community, state, and nation might target and attempt to ruin you. The Heart is easy for most Americans, it is part of our Moral Law.  The Hammer is more difficult as the passive find it uncomfortable to lead where they must.  And yet now, in this twilight zone of a suspended Constitutional Republic, members of all communities must rise to the occasion even if they feel they are not fully educated in the fundamentals of our governance system and Rule of Law to do so.

Are you telling us that it is going to be the average American in his or her everyday life that is going to restore our suspended Constitutional Republic?

Yes. The same Americans who won the Republic for us in the first place.  The Americans who trusted, originally, in British leadership and then discovered the British elite cared nothing for the dirty rag-tags who had their loyalty.  The same Americans who, believing them to be patriots, follow elected representatives into unnecessary wars and senseless spending.  The same Americans who were so proud of the effort it took to found major centers of higher learning beginning in 1650 with Harvard, only to find out that most of those centers have now betrayed the very people who looked to them for intellectual excellence, innovation, and the defense of personal liberty. These are Americans of any background who pray each day, love their families, and do not understand why those they once trusted hate them.

Well, as George Orwell advised, stop trusting them, all of them. “Workarounds” against Supreme Court rulings is a betrayal.  Substituting globalist-backed anti-American law for our law is a betrayal.  James Warburg of the international banking family told the US Senate in 1950 that America would succumb to global government by force, if necessary.  A betrayal. Nor will average Americans succumb to not-so-subtle language changes that turn a person entering our country illegally into a “newcomer.”

The American Revolution was not won by George Washington, it was won by regular people with the heart and the hammer they are historically known for.  May that same American come to life now.

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