Published On: March 4th, 2024

Miss Constitution, along with perhaps a majority of American citizens, are now fully weary of the endless evaluations of American culture and the inane questioning of institute scholars who detail their opinions of the nation’s demise without any tangible answers. “Wake up” is the equivalent of their standard advice.  Miss Constitution cuts to the chase:

The United States does not now exist as a sovereign nation-state.  We have no enforced borders.

She would also say that the longer We the People keep discussing what has already taken place the harder it will be to recover, if that is even possible.  No amount of wishing and hoping can change anything.  Are there not persons to be blamed?  Well, yes, there are individual betrayers from our history – some of whom would surprise the public – but it is more about how human beings can be moved by “branding”, are loyal to “branding”, and thus can lose their ability to process empirical information.

Human beings absorb, sort, and make judgments based on both their ability to reason (inductively and deductively) and by what their senses tell them (the empirical).  “Branding” is one powerful way to eliminate the senses and convince the public that what they are seeing, hearing, smelling, or tasting is not reality.  In America’s Constitutional Republic, judgment by the People is critical to its functioning, so that which distorts or impairs public judgment can destroy the whole system.  This political malware is now embedded in the system.

Has this been deliberately done and for how long has this been going on?

Yes, this has been deliberately done and has been going on seriously since research and experiments in mind control in the 1930’s. It is represented today by much of the public media, much of social media, and public education (not necessarily public charter education).  Here are a few examples of how easy it is to be steered away from our senses:

A huge Chinese balloon with spy equipment seen by the naked eye flies across the sovereign territory of the United States and its sensitive military installations.  Civilians first brought the event to the nation’s attention.  The balloon was allowed to collect and transmit to our primary international enemy national security information without impediment.  What did we just see?  The answer given was nothing to see.

A young child screaming in pain, part of the lucrative open border drug-cartel sex trafficking operations in the United States, finally loses her voice – death her only wish.  What did we just hear?  The answer given was the border is closed – nothing to hear.

A visit to San Francisco streets teeming with human refuse and desperate people.  What did we just smell?  The answer given was that this is an alternative to required treatment –  nothing to smell.

Is it possible for human beings to “wake up” to the psychological power of branding?

Actually, no.  Very few human beings are able to do it although there are always the one or two who do.       We know of one or two Americans and one or two Russians who realized they had been brainwashed and warned America about buying into branding Joseph Stalin “Uncle Joe” – some kindly ruler rather than a killer of millions of people.  Miss Constitution would suggest our society move on from trying to “wake up” and accept that we have lost our nation.

For those who think this would be a loss, what can be done?

First, take the whole issue out of politics.  This is neither a Democrat nor a Republican problem.  Both major political parties have been deceived as have members and adherents.  Resist laying blame.  The human body can not stand up against being hit full force by a heavy truck.  Nor can the human mind, however intelligent and perceptive, resist modern brainwashing techniques.  Children are completely helpless which is why all efforts are being made through “tic toc” (an arm of the Communist Party) and other social media to destroy America’s children.

Second, ask yourself the simple question of whether or not you think America as a nation-state should exist.  If you say, “no”, it should not exist you have already achieved your goal.  If you say, “yes”, then you must do three things quickly:

recognize that you cannot fight head on against the forces of destruction in front of you  

step to the side and let the weight of this evil force fall as it attempts to overpower you

unite with others who share your desire to see America live regardless of their political past – E Pluribus Unum – from many, one America

Third, instead if trying to learn the complexities of our Rule of Law and Constitutional system at this late date, just understand the following:

our unique system is about the development of each individual person – never the collective

our unique system encourages the building of a personal moral core that defends against evil

our unique system requires adherence to the entire American Rule of Law

The American Brand, one of the most respected and revered for its resilience and strength, for its general ability to provide the most opportunity for the most people, for its requirement of service to others, for its call to honor a higher power, for its devotion to family and community, has given way to another brand whose confidence in victory over these qualities is displayed every day in arrogance, impudence, and deceit.  In corporate America, Bud Light made the same mistake We the People have now made.  Bud Light’s brand ended overnight.

Miss Constitution understands that most Americans have no idea what has happened to their country.  She simply calls for each citizen to entertain the possibility that an evil force of whatever name has proven to be stronger than thought possible and that uniting together, however politically strange for many, is the only way to return the nation to a sovereign state.

What brand has captured you? Faux social justice?  A political Party?  A secret society?  A false religious sect? Have we thrown away the American Brand carelessly? Are we Bud Light?

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