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Randi Weingarten’s “Honest” Truth

By |Miss C's Blog|

You know something is wrong when a public-sector union head starts talking about history education in K-12 public schools and threatens legal action against parents who want to know what is being taught in the schools their children attend. Cultural

Supreme Confusion Over Free Speech

By |Miss C's Blog|

The Supreme Court recently announced its decision in a case called Mahanoy Area School District v. BL regarding a school’s ability to discipline a student for express and symbolic speech made off-campus, in this case on a social media app

Whispering Joe Biden

By |Miss C's Blog|

Miss Constitution was watching Joe Biden give an address recently and he inexplicably started whispering into the microphone. Perhaps he was hoping people would listen more carefully to what he was saying, but what he was saying was extremely troubling.

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