Published On: April 5th, 2021

A few weeks ago, in the Judean Desert, fragments in Greek of the Hebrew Bible were discovered. Also discovered was a perfectly woven basket with a lid that archaeologists think is at least 10,500 years old. These are monumental discoveries that could not have survived in any other climate. Think of the human traffic all those years and these markers of human existence left for us in a type of perpetuity. Miss Constitution thinks it no accident that excerpts from Zechariah 8:16-17 were found.

These are the things that ye shall do; Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbor; execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates: And let none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbor; and love no false oath: for these are all things I hate, saith the Lord.

King James Version

At the same time, Miss Constitution listened with a very sad heart as Robert Woodson, of the Woodson Center, and one of the great civil rights leaders of our time, pleaded with his community to stop talking about and thinking about white people and start talking about and thinking about the black community and what can be done to return it to the health it once had. “When white people were at their worst,” he said, “we were at our best.” What Dr. Woodson revealed is what authentic historians have always known but what might as well have been hidden in a cave in the Judean Desert. The fact is that at the height of segregation the black community was prospering. Washington, DC was full of successful black entrepreneurs and was thriving. Some of the best high schools in America were segregated schools, but the scholarship was excellent and many of the students went on to prestigious positions in academia and science. As Dr. Woodson said, “we had our own railroad.” The community was united in its Faith in God and in its belief in itself. It was thought that the best strategy in a majority-white society was to stay under the radar and keep its progress to itself while officially trying to break through.

It was at this moment that a powerful black American community decided to tackle the race barrier and the Civil Rights Movement began in earnest. Landmark legislation was signed in 1964. Public education was painfully integrated by closing black schools, even the excellent ones, and sending precious black children into the white community. It is true, progress was made for many, but at a very high price. In the white community, outside of the resistance to integration, there was near unanimity in support of the Civil Rights Movement. That support has now been morphed by some into the rise of a very racist black ideology that wants to shame and punish the white community for past discrimination and create a minority-white society. Dr. Woodson, along with many other prominent black scholars, realize that this is very destructive and will lead only to more misery and devastation. He wants all that black talent and money directed at problems in the inner cities, the re-building of moral and ethical standards, and a belief in true progress. Going after white people would require the “evil in your hearts” Zechariah was talking about. To win with evil is to lose, “for these are all things I hate,” saith the Lord. Miss Constitution would also add that it will destroy the United States of America and both races and all ethnicities.

Also rising at this time, and made manifest in the Hart-Celler Act of 1965, was white guilt. The white community, mainly through its young college-age students, was truly ashamed of the way the black community had been treated in our society. The remorse was real, it was sincere, and it was deeply held. In one of the great achievements in human history, the words of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were made real, finally, and the hope was that the two communities that share so much positive history could move forward together as Americans. That, however, is not what universally happened and it explains to some extent where we are today. Where we are today is an attack on the nation both from within and from without. From within, those in positions of authority in public and some private education and in part of the private sector are mandating lessons and training in Critical Race Theory that demolishes a belief in our Constitutional Republic and teaches children and adults to be Racist. Social media giants, as surrogate government entities, are banning books, canceling people, and negating our prized 1st Amendment free political speech rights. Critical Race Theory is not only not factual, it is evil. Parents are being encouraged to poison their children’s minds with this beginning at age two. Marxist thought antithetical to God and Country has already done its damage to many of our college students. Plans to indoctrinate the military are being carried out now.

From without, the Hart-Celler Act of 1965 has, at last, had the effect as intended. Its purpose was to end the white majority in America. Prior to 1965 our immigration system was based on national quotas by country or region whose purpose was to strengthen the United States as well as to give worthy immigrants wanting to change their allegiance to America a chance to come. No one was unvetted. Priority was given to cultures who could assimilate easily. 84% came from Europe and Canada, 6% from Mexico, and 10% from elsewhere. Hart-Celler changed the purpose of immigration from the good of our country to “family reunification” or chain migration. Europe and Canada were minimized and other cultures elevated so that today most immigrants come from Mexico and Asia and relatively few come from Europe and Canada. White guilt from the 1960’s has dramatically changed the ethnic mix of our country. This is partly the reason we do not educate our citizens and residents about the Constitution and the basis for our Liberties and Rights against government. To teach our history and civics accurately, including Western Civilization, would create patriotism and pride in our citizens and a trust and spirit in our military, that would demolish the pressures from both within and without that are hell-bent on legitimizing the Racism we thought we had conquered. Without shame:

Two United States Senators have just announced they will vote against any white person    nominated to a post in the current administration no matter how worthy.

A television commentator remarking on the killings in Colorado and thinking the perpetrator a white male said, “white males are the most dangerous persons on earth.”

The President of the United States, at his news conference, called Republicans racist and sick for objecting to his policies, parts of which are totally unconstitutional.

Miss Constitution knows it is hard to stop this runaway train to nowhere. One can hear the pain in Dr. Woodson’s voice along with many others who know their community will be crushed by what is going on. A Polish woman just interviewed could not believe that America no longer stands for the rights she came to America legally to embrace. But Miss Constitution thinks that God did deliver a message to us in the Judean Desert just in time if we will only notice it and take heed. “Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbor . . . saith the Lord.” Perhaps in 10,000 more years, rolled up in a woven basket, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States will be revealed to a curious and free people, and the Lord will have delivered yet another message to His People.

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