Published On: December 21st, 2022

“If a battle cannot be won do not fight it.”  – Sun Tzu, Chinese military leader, 544-496 BC

For those of you who are in a state of disbelief regarding the civil institutions of the United States, they have, in fact, been badly dismantled.  If there is any chance that our Constitutional Republic can be restored, this fact must be accepted.

The battle was planned and won prior to the majority of Americans ever knowing it was taking place.

It is hard to lose a battle.  It is hard to accept losing when there appears room to fight.  Many Americans would die for the American nation, for the nation’s exceptional statecraft, for the nation’s potential, and for the nation’s promise of Liberty to individual persons.  These are the very people, however, that will be needed for another day.

Now is the time for personal reflection, for full acceptance of responsibility, and for re-calibration.  The blame for the loss of American civil institutions lies with each American.  Our first duty to God and our country is to accept what we did and did not do, to ask forgiveness of those who gave their lives that we might have Liberty, and to move forward with a clear eye and a strong fist.

What each of us did is to take our country for granted.  What each of us did not do is inform ourselves fully about our own system and inform ourselves fully about systems intent on destroying us.  Perhaps each of us thought some elected leader(s) or unelected bureaucrat(s) were taking care of America when, in fact, no one was taking care of America.  Many Americans thought their prized corporate icons would be loyal to the nation that fostered their financial success. Many are not.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”  – Sun Tzu

Here are three hard truths that each American needs to know:

  1. World War I and II were actually losses to Western Civilization and unnecessary. Britain lost her best manhood in World War I, save Winston Churchill, and American politicians demanded after the war that Britain destroy key elements of her navy.  Britain, for some reason, complied.  American leaders invited the attack on Pearl Harbor as a pretext to assure our involvement in World War II.  We subsequently provided Joseph Stalin our atomic secrets as an “ally” and a good deal of our treasure, as well.  American leaders not only strengthened Soviet Russia, they allowed Communism to prevail in China. These decisions are the seeds of our current demise, as they fomented the internal chaos that has divided our people for seventy-five plus years, strengthened Marxist teaching in our colleges and universities, and set the stage for the current call by Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran for the military and cultural defeat of America.
  1. The Democrat Party and the Republican Party are one and the same, distinguished only by a separate flair. They are both supporters of the Deep State, whose purpose and goal is unlimited power without responsibility to the American people or to the defense of the nation.  The Deep State seems not to understand that:  no American is for national bankruptcy; no American is for biological warfare aimed at our own nation; no American is for the sex trafficking of young illegal alien children, no American is for synthetic lethal drugs smuggled into the country designed to kill our young people; no American is for cold-cocking the elderly as they walk down the street; no American is for the transfer of intellectual property to a declared enemy of the United States; no American is for American military weakness and humiliation on the international stage; and no American is for the transfer of American sovereignty to any global entity, whether the United Nations or some other concocted global governance structure.  And yet, these are policies the Democrat-Republican Party stands for and funds.  The American people have, perhaps unwittingly and unknowingly or just lazily, voted for their own national destruction.
  1. In our short history, there have only been three phenomenal Presidents willing to risk life and fortune to preserve, protect, and defend the United States and the United States Constitution. Unfortunately, there have been many more than three who knowingly sabotaged the nation for personal gain or promoted ideology incompatible with our system.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”  – Sun Tzu

Where does opportunity lie for the American people?

Opportunity lies in each American heart and in disciplined actions that flow from that heart.

  1. Step back from rigged political issues. Step up to new strategies and tactics to restore the nation’s political health.  Accept your own role in the country’s current horror.  Think deeply; forgive yourself for neglect; vow to become better informed both about your own country and the philosophies behind our institutions and also the philosophies behind those who would destroy us.  Support a new Constitutional Party – let the Democrat-Republicans wallow in the sewage of their betrayal. 
  1. Take action steps. It is too late to persuade.  A large battle has already been lost.  If your church supports “gender reassignment” (genital mutilation) of young children and/or abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy (murder at later stages) – drop the church.  If the public school your children attend allows “Satan Clubs” and teaches Critical Race Theory (a theory that promotes racism) pull them out immediately no matter the inconvenience or expense.  Stop purchasing goods made by overseas slave labor.  Demand essential products be manufactured in the United States, our territories, or an allied nation.  Protect your history.  Fight back when docents and “historians” mock the great men and women of our history and the full American story.
  1. Sacrifice your time and your wealth to something wholesome and worthwhile to humanity. Every person is a child of God.  This does not mean that every behavior of every child of God is to be tolerated.  A civil society that provides the most opportunity for the most people requires that certain behaviors be punished or eliminated for the common good.  Be strict, be swift, be tough, be just.

Benjamin Franklin doubted that the American people could preserve, protect, and defend the Constitutional Republic created in 1787.  We did go off track in 1898 and have been off track ever since.  It is now patently obvious that this is true.  It need not be our epitaph.

“Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price.”  – Sun Tzu

Is each of us willing to pay the price for America to exist?

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