Published On: June 12th, 2023

During medieval times, roughly from the late 5th century to the 17h century, warfare often involved a siege against heavily fortified castles.  A siege takes patience, a sort of drip, drip, drip as sappers dig tunnels under thick stone walls to gain access to the interior.  By the time the defenders find and close each tunnel it is often too late.

Miss Constitution hates to be this dire, but America has been sapped.  It took over 100 years but the siege is over and the cultural slaughter has now begun.  How could this happen?  What can we do?

While it is important to know how this could happen, we must first defend the castle. Those who wish to dismantle America’s civic institutions are rushing through breaches in the wall with weapons drawn, but that does not mean that they will succeed.  It simply means that the sappers will attempt to make the unthinkable appear inevitable. If Americans don’t surrender quickly then the attackers must find sustenance among their enemies.

That sustenance begins with food we feed the soul.  The American experience begins with the objective truth that God exists, must be honored, and that God has endowed each person with unalienable rights that include life and liberty.  Liberty is restricted choice.  It is restricted by the Rule of Law.  It is restricted to both adults and children.  The Rule of Law consists of:

Moral Law – what is morally right and what is morally wrong.  It is morally wrong to purposely sexualize children. To starve the sapper, everyone with decision-making power must:

  1. Boycott any business (including medical and sports) that traffics in pedophilia. Children respond to primary colors. Those wishing to harm children often display shiny objects in primary colors to lure them into a type of sexual grooming.


  1. Remove your child from any school that traffics in pedophilia. Look in the library.  If any material is inappropriately sexual in nature or drag queens are reading to them then the school has been sapped.


  1. Understand that moral law does not require one tolerate pedophilia. Just the opposite.  A “no-tol-pol” must be used decisively when dealing with what is wicked.

Natural Law – what God has willed to us by our very existence, understood through reason.  God has willed us life.  He has willed life to both mother and child and to the father, as well.  Where there is a conflict between lives, every attempt must be made to save all. The Rule of Law requires that constitutional and statutory law reflect natural and moral law, not replace them.  To starve the sapper, everyone must remember the unalienable rights endowed to us by our Creator.

Positive Law – what the states, communities, and the federal government pass as statutory law through legislative bodies.  Positive law also includes state constitutions and the United States Constitution.  It also includes administrative rules that have the force of law.  Those creating positive law have a duty to consider moral and natural law in their deliberations and decision-making.  To starve the sapper, everyone must take this into account when voting for candidates for public service.

Unwritten Law  – what we call courtesy and comity.  The oil in the engine of our relationships with each other as human beings.  Confusion about unwritten law allows the sappers to weaken our resolve regarding moral and natural law by alleging that those who resist surrendering to sapper ideologies are intolerant, racist, fascist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, Nazi, supremacist, and above all, sapperphobic.  To starve the sapper, everyone must be polite but very firm.

Besides denying them sustenance, Miss Constitution, what can we do now that the tunnels have been successfully dug and the walls of our institutions penetrated?

Well. . .first we might want to remember our history.

Sappers are really engineers.  They examine their challenge carefully and create just the right tools for the job.  America has been a target of European sappers since her independence from Great Britain in 1783. Great Britain never got over losing the Revolution and proceeded to try and re-conquer America through, among other things, central banking schemes.

You will recall that the First Bank of the United States, shares of which were mostly owned by European bankers, was advocated by Alexander Hamilton and finally approved, reluctantly, by George Washington.  When its charter was not renewed in 1811 the Bank of England was furious.  The next thing you know we are in the War of 1812 with Great Britain (financed by the Bank of England) and the White House torched.  Were it not for Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans, we would again be a British colony.

Getting the clear message, we created a Second Bank of the United States, the shares of which were also mostly owned by European bankers.  When its charter was not renewed (a vat of jackals according to Andrew Jackson), European bankers refused to loan America money and a series of financial panics ensued.  France and Great Britain then waited eagerly in Mexico and Canada to feast off the corpse of a lost Union in the Civil War (1860-1865), but Abraham Lincoln gave his last full measure to save us.

Ah, but the sappers did not give up.  Their new tool was the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, thought by most Americans as controlled by America, but the regional banks that make up the Reserve are really owned mostly by European bankers (in collusion with their American banking agents), European bank holding companies, and global banks created by the same players.  The Reserve prints our currency for a fee, promotes expensive wars and peace (WWI and II are but two of many), and controls our monetary policy.  We are now $32T in debt and essentially financially sapped.  Having destroyed us financially, sapper methods have simply moved to the global – climate hysteria (spray-painting the Mona Lisa), biological warfare (COVID but a test run), and defiance of any human appreciation of the divine (the sacrilegious honored at Dodgers stadium).

How do we hold on?

Remembering the sieges at Thessalonica, 1422-1430, where 95% of the inhabitants died or Candia on Crete, 1648-1668, where the Knights of Malta surrendered to the Ottomans, among many others, Miss Constitution thinks we might get valuable lessons from medieval defenses to sappers:  boiling oil and white-hot sand poured on those digging tunnels and serum from the Black Plague flung around to cause sure disease and death.  Perhaps these time-honored techniques will help us.  But Miss Constitution, don’t these tactics violate Unwritten Law?


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