Published On: February 12th, 2023

First things, first.  The United States and Canada have been betrayed by their political leadership.  It is now clear that the continental United States has no protected borders, either on the north with Canada or on the south with Mexico (now a narco-state).  The air space of the continental United States and Canada has been penetrated by a declared enemy of the United States and defensive installations possibly disarmed or breached to eventually disarm.

Statements by journalists that this is nothing but a form of satellite spying or actually a gift to the United States are insulting to the intelligence of the Sovereign.  The betrayal is deliberate, not accidental, and completely exposed.  The motive is irrelevant.

What do those who wish the country to survive do now?

In an article entitled, Nothing Comes to Mind, January 31, 2023, Miss Constitution states that the gangrenous wound that is the nation must be cleaned out and a new commitment to morality and loyalty made.  However the betrayal was effected, the Sovereign allowed it to happen and it is the Sovereign who must fix it.

Miss Constitution thinks there is a lack of certain knowledge and that the American public has been deliberately deceived.  It would not be the first time in our history that this has happened.  Perhaps it would be helpful to rise, not 60,000 feet into the air but 120,000 feet and look at the history of our civilization through a wider lens.

Peter Gay, a German-American historian, asserts that there are three broad periods of history where reason, not superstition or myth emerged in the affairs of humanity.  The first was the Greece-Roman period and the rise of Christianity and the development of universities and scientific advancement.  The second period was the Renaissance, specifically 1300 to 1700, with the encouragement of the critical mind and a move toward individual development.  The third is the Enlightenment of the 18th century – the revolution of reason, the notion that social progress is possible concurrent with autonomy, or personal liberty.

America’s governance system developed during the Enlightenment and our civilization reflects reasonable rules and personal choice.  Liberty was always tied to duty, but it was the hope of the Founders that Liberty would also be tied to decency, to a better life for most, untethered to religious or secular tyranny.

Gay thinks Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations a “cardinal document of the Enlightenment” with Smith’s notion that people have a “right to be treated not as a ward of a supremely wise government but as an autonomous being.”  Of course, this open thought is the seed of the Enlightenment’s destruction, according to Gay, as the psychology of human beings tends toward passion, not reason, and toward tyranny, not Liberty.  Technology has created a counter-revolution against reason with social engineering – diversity, equity, inclusion – a not so subtle attack on the notion of the development of the person.

So, we are the stewards of one of only three periods in the history of mankind, if you concur with Professor Gay, in which the tender shoots of reasonableness in the affairs of humanity have a chance, along with morality, to truly nurture and support the rise of the virtuous human being.  We also have a different background as a nation that has produced a unique type of citizen.  We are not European and have not had the experiences that shape the European mind.

Europe was overrun in the middle ages by the Mongols. The Mongol influence in Europe is dramatic.  America did not have this experience.  Europe was attacked by Islam in the 7th century and would be Islamic today were it not for Charles Martel stopping them close to Paris at the Battle of Tours.  America did not have this experience.  Martin Luther upended Christianity and the bitter religious wars that followed brought chaos and brutality to all of Europe.  America did not have this experience.

America developed relatively quietly as a Protestant Christian nation.  After shedding British colonial rule, America entered the world stage just as the Industrial Revolution was taking off.  We minded our own business, generally, as advised by George Washington and grew powerfully.  The big mistake, in Miss Constitution’s view, was entering the entangling mess that is European politics.  We did so by adopting Europe’s central banking system in 1913.  The alternative was not isolation, the alternative was carefully tiptoeing through the maze of corruption and degeneracy that was and is Europe.

We went from a strong creditor nation to bankrupt in 110 years.  We have been in constant war since 1913:  WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc., shedding much blood and treasure for the enrichment of others.  Enemies of America want to replace the dollar as the reserve currency of the world.  Our debt would be due and our nation destroyed.

Yet we are Americans and we have had a different experience from the rest of the world.  We do not have to accept this fate.  Without America and the remaining flicker of light that is the Enlightenment, a butchery unknown in the history of the world will take place.  While it is true that we have our own corruption and betrayal, the difference is America’s Sovereign is the People themselves and we will not stand for the surrender of our civilization.  Here’s what Miss Constitution thinks we should do:

  1. Demand a Congressional Committee be formed to re-establish a currency backed by intrinsic value and a budget that balances within a reasonable period of time. The debt must be addressed.
  2. Understand that war must be paid for by taxes, duties, excises, or tariffs. We cannot borrow money to engage in discretionary wars.  Our military must be second to none, especially the Navy.
  3. Realize that the internal chaos the nation is experiencing has nothing to do with social justice, it has to do with destroying the institutions that reason has shown us to be necessary for humane civil order.
  4. Forget blame – we do not have much time – we must vote out the incompetent, the disloyal, and the treasonous. Take strong action personally and politically.
  5. Accept that a huge mistake may have been made over 100 years ago and deceptive cover-ups have necessarily followed. The Sovereign is currently being gaslighted and the children of the Sovereign debauched by those they should be able to trust. Save your child!

Above all, make an Appeal to Heaven that America survives, remembering that God helps those that help themselves.  From 120,000 feet we can see what is possible and hopefully remember what is sacred.  America has never before had this experience and may we never have it again.

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