Published On: March 16th, 2021

Miss Constitution understands that there are many Americans who are thankful that the Tweets of former President Trump have stopped and that the current President, who can barely walk across a room, is mostly silent. Peace and quiet – at last. For some voters, this peace and quiet is all they want and their vote for Joe Biden was sincere. Miss Constitution was horrified, along with many others, at the aggressive behavior of former President Trump during the first Presidential debate last Fall. But the truth is that President Trump lost the Presidential election because he was abandoned by many insiders in the Republican Party, including Governors, Secretaries of State, federal Judges, poll watchers, his own appointees, and the Republican National Committee itself. The Lincoln Project signatories of notable Republicans opposing President Trump went on and on and included respected and experienced persons. The Chinese Communist Party opposed Donald Trump’s re-election and did what it could to help assure his defeat. Hunter Biden’s financial ties with the Chinese Communists and his alleged funneling of money to the entire Biden family was suppressed by Big Tech, who itself is compromised. If the public knew that Paul Pelosi (husband of Nancy), Richard Blum (husband of Dianne Feinstein), Elaine Chao (wife of Mitch McConnell), and countless others from business and academia are compromised as well, perhaps it would have made a difference. Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell, who now has access to all critical American intelligence, was sleeping with a Chinese spy who has “kept in touch.” The point is that candidate Trump was allowed to lose an election that he should have won easily. Democrat manipulations of the vote (including executive changes to state election laws) went unchallenged by Republicans who knew full well what the Democrat Party would do. Former President Trump should have won easily because his policies regarding the safety and security of the United States were sound, and gave the nation a respite from the dangerous and careless dismantling of America’s position in the world, under administrations both Republican and Democrat, that had been going on since George Herbert Walker Bush. (Actually, for much longer but that discussion is for another time.) As a prominent Chinese business leader and member of the Chinese Communist Party said recently, “It looks like it is our time now.”

“But for”, as we say in the Law of Torts…

What has happened now is what always happens when defeat is snatched from the jaws of victory. Those who should have lost become more outrageous and more brazen. Since Donald Trump put the safety and security of the United States first, his political enemies, including some prominent Republicans, will put it last. Since Donald Trump secured the southern border, his political enemies, including some prominent Republicans, will unsecure it and promote ever more deadly drugs (created and supplied by the Chinese) into every town and city in the United States, encourage violent gangs that had finally been brought under control to re-establish themselves, and tolerate, without fear of punishment and deportation, every known type of sociopath no matter how menacing to the American people. Since Donald Trump finally re-balanced the Middle East into some kind of functioning region (through the Abraham Accords) by strengthening a Sunni Alliance for Peace, his political enemies, including some prominent Republicans, will put the region back into chaos by supporting a nuclearized Iran whose first target will be war with Israel. American troops will be called to respond. (One notable Republican exception, the aging Henry Kissinger has spoken out in support of the Trump policies in the Middle East.) In addition, Donald Trump called out China. He quit going along with the notion that China is a harmless “emerging nation” that should replace the United States economically and culturally, and exposed the spying, the lying, the cheating, the confiscation of our wealth, the poisoning of student minds, the aggressive military build-up, and the control of international groups such as the World Health Organization. He belatedly began to think Covid-19 was not an accident – hence the dramatic and Herculean effort to secure private-sector help in creating a safe and effective vaccine in unheard-of time. Without saying it directly, Donald Trump tried to rescue Western Civilization in his very unorthodox and sometimes less than courteous fashion. Little did he realize how hard it would be.

Is there Buyer’s Remorse in the election of Joe Biden?

Miss Constitution does not know nor is it relevant. What is relevant is what those citizens who cherish our Constitutional Republic must do now. The Democrat Party will quietly continue its dismantling of the nation by bankrupting us in the name of “Climate-Change”, even though many scientists believe we have entered a period of climate cooling that should last thousands of years. Our need for energy independence is even more critical. The Democrat Party will quietly continue its dismantling of the nation through race-baiting, political “correctness”, canceling people and ideas, and supporting efforts to erase words like “Mom” and “Dad” and other common familial markers. The Democrat Party will continue its quiet dismantling of the nation by trying to diminish Religion, Family, Patriotism, Authority, and personal Liberty from the hearts and minds of its People. Some Republicans will help them. Some Democrats won’t like it but won’t say anything. Miss Constitution would remind you that lockdowns, selecting certain businesses as “essential” and letting others die, mandating masks for very young children, closing public education, in the name of the pandemic is completely unconstitutional. The Constitution PROHIBITS local, state, or the federal government from such measures. Governments may suggest, may guide, may request, but it is up to the individual to attend church, or go to the gym, or keep a business going. A church may close ITSELF in response to the pandemic; a restaurant may decide to close ITSELF permanently or re-configure based on government suggestions; a hair salon may do the same thing. These private facilities may also require, if open, that temperatures be taken, and masks worn, and hands washed, and sanitizers used as part of business regulation, but no Governor, or Mayor, or President, as a representative of the state, is allowed to just shut down the country by his or her order, bankrupt people, and disallow personal decision-making by citizens. YOU decide if it is safe enough to patronize these businesses or organizations. This is the very essence of personal Liberty.

Miss Constitution thinks that what we must do now is step outside this grotesque charade and build an entirely different and independent existence. Consider pulling your children from public schools. Consider changing your religious affiliation if your Church has forsaken religion for Woke-ness. Consider removing yourself from social media platforms that are banning books and free political speech. Make sure money is not your God. Consider whether peace and quiet is worth losing the Constitutional Republic Benjamin Franklin warned we would have to sacrifice for, to “keep.” Educate yourself in its provisions. And to that Chinese business leader and member of the Chinese Communist Party who thinks America is so morally hollowed out that she must fall, Miss Constitution says, “Your murderous, atheistic, and evil time is not now. IT IS NOT NOW – OR EVER!”

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