Published On: March 22nd, 2021

Miss Constitution thinks we are really very lucky indeed. Rarely, in the world today of “smoke and mirrors” does clarity emerge for all to see (who are looking).

  1. No matter what is said about Covid-19 and how it jumped from some species in a wet-market to human beings and then accidentally got sent around the world or the Chinese Communist Party’s accusation that the United States Military unleashed it, we now know what actually happened.

The Wuhan China Virology Lab in conjunction with funding from the American National Institutes of Health were involved in Gain of Function experiments of a coronavirus that escaped the Lab and was deliberately allowed to infect thousands of Chinese who then traveled the globe and infected every continent with a virulent viral pneumonia. The Chinese Communist Party knew what would happen, silenced those who warned the world, and bought up all the supply of personal protective equipment needed to safely deal with stricken patients. Taiwan caught on quickly and also warned the world. Dr. Fauci, our so-called expert and go-to advisor regarding mitigation measures in the United States, was aware of the experiments, supported them, and was in contact with his scientific counterparts in China. The World Health Organization deliberately downplayed the situation at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party. America is still helpng fund these experiments through the NIH and Dr. Fauci is still “guiding” American efforts at mitigation.

*A fifth-grader might ask why we are listening to Dr. Fauci at all and why we are still funding such dangerous experiments. Are we crazy? Could the same thing not happen again?

  1. No issue is more seriously twisted in the minds of many as that of Climate Change. As Christopher Booker of the Sunday Telegraph says, “Has there ever in history been such an almighty disconnect between observable reality and the delusion of a political class that is quite impervious to any rational discussion?”

Science and political opportunism cross-bred and decided that the world is going to end in twelve years due to Global Warming. Pictures were shown of bears helplessly floating on broken-off ice islands. Glaciers are shown sheering off into the icy waters of the Antarctica. It has become an absolute truism with college and university students that this is a real phenomena and that we must do something now. Understandably, young students who truly believe this are afraid for their lives. A decision has been made by the current administration to make Climate Change the political means by which to bankrupt the United States, transfer our wealth elsewhere, and remain in permanent political power. America must be destroyed in order to “survive” what will be the “end” in twelve years. The problem is that the “science” relied upon is not exactly accurate and has been “managed” to come to conclusions that are politically correct rather than scientifically sound. NASA satellites and balloons give us accurate data that cannot be altered. Here is the scientific consensus. The swings in warming and cooling of the earth have been going on for millions of years. Human growth expands in periods of a warmer earth. Between 1250 AD and 1850 AD, for instance, we were in a Little Ice Age. In the late 1970s AD to about 2000 AD there was a brief warming period. Today, scientific data show that we are in a Mini Ice Age that might last several hundred years. The lack of sun-spot activity is one clue. Man-made activity has a minuscule effect. And yet, in the face of something that is not even scientifically verified political leaders are trying to shift our energy to renewables that at most could provide 3% of what we need. Battery manufacturing that would be necessary would require the mining and depletion of rare earth minerals and a refining process that could wreck havoc on pristine areas of the world and cause greater damage than the imagined “warming” and the use of fossil fuels. Plentiful energy that would have no environmental impact has been rejected by those now in political power.

*A fifth-grader might ask why we are not “following the science” regarding Climate Change and the decade-long environmental studies and approval by the State Department and Congress that okay-ed the Keystone Pipeline, so that America could be assured of the energy she needs now and in the future? How can an Executive Order negate Congressional Law?

  1. Miss Constitution is constantly being asked if our Constitution is “living”, meaning that it can be casually modernized with the times and should be ignored, as is, as a “relic” of 1787. Miss Constitution always answers that “no” it is not “living” in that sense. It is a set of universals that may be amended, but must remain boundaries that all agree to honor. The minute permission is given to alter universals then there are no boundaries at all. Modern changes are reflected in statutes and Supreme Court rulings, but they must still be within the universals that have proven to be so important to our societal stability. Think of the Constitution as a parent. When the Constitution says to be home at 10 pm, the Constitution means be home at 10 pm. It is that simple.

“Congress shall make no law” has now been extended to States through the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment. In plain language, federal, state, and/or local governments, (or their surrogates) cannot keep you from free exercise of your religion, or keep you from speaking out on public policy FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. Nor can any government deprive you of your property without due process of law or spy on you or seize your private property without a legal order from a judge. Rights not listed in the Constitution belong to YOU. Power is retained by YOU, not government. If you want to change the Constitution there is a method to do so in Article V.

What this means is, even during a health crisis, your Governor or Mayor or the President may not just order whole shutdowns of businesses or schools or decide what businesses are essential and what businesses are not. The entire Constitutional system is about LIMITING what governments can do against individual citizens. What governments can do is provide guidelines and suggestions and resources, and businesses, churches, and PRIVATE K-12 schools may VOLUNTARILY shut down. Businesses, not government, may mandate masks and other mitigating measures but no government may arbitrarily bankrupt a private business by making them close. No government actor may knowingly order an innocent elderly citizen to his or her death through executive orders.

*A fifth-grader might ask, “Who knows this information? Why have Americans submitted to these violations of the Constitution without objection? Are there no adults out there to help?”

Miss Constitution would say it is now crystal clear what is happening. But if we learn what the Constitution says, demand that it be faithfully adhered to, use common sense, and follow authentic science, we can reclaim our country for all the precious fifth-graders living now and not yet born.

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