Published On: February 1st, 2021

Miss Constitution need not tell you that the equivalent of COVID-19 and its variations is sweeping over our country and its institutions such that the average citizen does not recognize “normal” national life. It turns out that what all thought was innovative and democratic, social connections in the world of the digital, has a dark side to it that has emerged like a flesh-eating amoeba to moot the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution, among other dark things. How can the following be happening simultaneously?

  1. Wall Street has declared open warfare on retail investors using the app “Robinhood” because real people had disrupted hedge-fund managers in gambling in the stock market. Gambling in the stock market is reserved, evidently, for the few not the average. With a click of a digital switch investors were told they could only sell, not buy, certain stocks. Facebook closed Robinhood chat rooms. The free market? In America?
  2. A well-known advertiser on television happened to support the re-election of former President Trump. With a click of a digital switch he was removed from one platform of social media for a period of time. When he was “allowed” on again his account had been taken over and his posts were created by someone else with his name attached. Fraudulent impersonation of a person? In America?
  3. An elected member of the House of Representatives has openly accused other elected members of the House of Representatives and members of the Senate of being “white supremacists” and “insurrectionists” and suggests that they be removed from the legislative body. Language such as this violates the Code of Ethics of the House of Representatives and would ordinarily call for immediate censure by the whole House. Even more shocking, the Speaker of the House of Representatives made a deliberate racial slur at a news conference. With a click of a digital switch anyone questioning these behaviors could be purged from social media. In America?

So, what was presented to the American people as a way to connect with family and friends and open up dialogue on all matters of public policy has turned out to be a dangerous, punishing, manipulator of people, of facts, of markets, having addicted most of the population to its “click of a digital switch.” Those that control the world of the digital, in concert with the American governing class, in concert with the multi-lateral corporate class, in concert with what is purported to be the intellectual class, in concert with the administrative class, in concert with the communications class, continues to feed the addicting drug of the digital meant to manage a message so that opposition to a particular line of thought can be stifled or support for a particular line of thought can be enhanced. The movement to force conformity in thinking is confirmation of the effectiveness of this purposeful collusion. Americans have a hard time knowing what is factually true. It is taking a toll worse than COVID- 19 Squared, as censoring, snitching, spying, and canceling take over our culture. All of it violates the United States Constitution.

What would Miss Constitution have us do?

Miss Constitution would first have you reclaim yourself. As you watch your country sink into totalitarian group-think that you are powerless to stop you can just take a breath. Take an inventory of yourself. What can you do as a small step to alter the trajectory of the addiction and also keep the

United States Constitution from losing its governing power? One small step multiplied by 100 million becomes a giant leap for mankind. Second, reclaim your children. Our nation’s children are dying by a thousand cuts. In lieu of that which humanizes, those that control the world of the digital are interested in addicting your children and having them quietly accept tyranny. Put them in school in front of an honest, authentic teacher. Have them learn to play a musical instrument. Take them to a house of worship and acquaint them with the nature of the spirit and the soul. Introduce them to the world of literature, of poetry, of architecture, of classical music, of archaeology, of history, of American civics, and of Western philosophy. Teach them that the only need of the digital is to open up the world of the humane, of the virtuous, of the beautiful. Teach them to click for the worthy, not for the wicked. Third, reclaim your country. The governing class, the corporate class, the intellectual class, and the communications class are pretending to be the Sovereigns of the nation. They are petrified that American citizens will find out that they have stolen the reins of power and are attempting to get the American people to accept the loss of their Republic. The Sovereign of America is We The People. The People have the power to end the poison being introduced into their bodies. The People have the power not to go into soft Communism quietly. It is not just the addiction to the digital it is the stifling tactic that everything regarding America is racial and that the races are at war with each other. It is the poison of pitting people against each other; of manipulating facts; of turning love into hate; of turning the good and decent into the vile and vengeful. Take your child’s hand and enter the world of your neighbor. Let your neighbor enter yours. 100 million small steps to end racial poisoning will stop the manipulators in their tracks. Our Republic can be reclaimed. Though there are other races in America, it is Black Americans and White Americans that joined together can take on the cabal that has insidiously taken over the hearts and minds of our country. Other groups can join in. If we each take one small step the Constitution can be our effective federal governing document once again and the 1st Amendment honored as the pillar of Liberty that it is.

COVID-19 Squared can be stopped – but the Sovereign, We the People as one, is the only entity that can do it, with the sure knowledge, of course, that God will bless us if we do.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,
And to the Republic for which it stands. One Nation, under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.”

Miss Constitution wants to thank all who have supported her efforts to bring the United States Constitution to life. She cannot thank you enough for your generosity.

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