Published On: January 13th, 2021

Miss Constitution is going to attempt to make “rational” what is totally insane, and what is insane is what is going on in our nation at this moment. The public has been “softened up” for this similar to naval bombardments prior to an infantry attack. The attack is occurring now. The attack is the dismantling of our Constitutional system and replacing it with an authoritarian system under the guise of the attack being in concert with the Constitution. Nothing could be further from the truth. That many persons in positions of public trust and many persons commenting on current events as “experts” are trying their best to convince the American people that they should accept the loss of their Constitutional system simply underscores the depth of the collusion or the depth of the naivete, however one wants to look at it.


  1. The war on the Sovereignty of the United States has changed from a cold war of influence and policy to an aggressive war between those who want to move the nation into a global cabal and those who wish to retain an independent United States of America. President Trump realized too late the extent of and depth of the Swamp and its treachery.
  2. The tactics used to accomplish the goal of moving America into an international cabal are meant to obfuscate the most important question that must be asked. That question is: Did the American People just legitimately vote out the Constitution of the United States or was the election rigged for the desired result of replacing it with soft Communism or Democratic Socialism as it is called? Either one would replace our Constitutional Republic and the guardrails for our Republic as represented by the Constitution itself.
  3. Until we have a hearing in the proper forum regarding the legitimacy of the Presidential election of 2020, we cannot know exactly what is happening. Miss Constitution cautions you not to be deterred from THE question by the tactics of diversion into impeachment, insurrection, censure, transition, swearing-in ceremonies or anything else. In other times a change of party and Presidency just meant a change in emphasis. This time it means a change from a Constitutional Republic and its protection of Liberty of the Person to a form of Marxism with its protection of the group, not the individual, and the tyrannical power of government in every aspect of one’s life.


  1. Historically, the goal of turning the United States into a Marxist state began in the mid- 19th century with the excesses of the Industrial Revolution in Europe and escalated after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917. It escalated further with our association with Stalin during WWII and America’s acceptance of Chinese Communism after the war. While the Soviet Union finally collapsed, China did not. We have allowed (both Democrats and Republicans) China to infiltrate all aspects of our system (commerce, government, culture) to the point that those with power in the United States now see more money to be made if America ceases to exist as a Sovereign state. That Liberty and our Constitution will forever be lost is of no consequence to this group. What we have to know, with our QUESTION, has China also compromised our Presidential election? Is our military compromised, as well?
  1. The strength of America has always been in the virtue of her People and in their strong religious convictions thought at one time to be impregnable. Add to that our education system that taught all children and adults about the Bill of Rights against government power and the responsibilities of citizenship that includes generosity and charity. Both religion and a proper and authentic education system are disappearing and being replaced by totalitarian propaganda that includes inaccurate history and racial baiting.
  2. American leaders are now unable to prevent a predator from taking over our nation. The thought is that if it just happens under the auspices of this election all the misdeeds of public servants and others will be covered up forever and no one will know who they are.


  1. The one group left out of the corrupt equation described above is what Miss Constitution calls the everyday American. These are both middle and lower middle class; these are private sector union members; these are college graduates trying to start their own businesses; these are legal immigrants trying to run the restaurant their grandfather started in 1936. Some are wealthy but abide by the Protestant Ethic and are not greedy. Some are not wealthy in money but are wealthy in character and virtue. They pick up a stray soda can on their walks and go see their elderly relatives and always put money in the Red Kettle at Christmas. They are not racist. They stand for the Anthem and also for a hearse if it goes by. They love their families and give to Catholic Charities and St. Jude’s. They are the Patriots with pitchforks against the trained and armed Brits of 1776.
  2. Miss Constitution suggests you stop what you are doing and pay attention. Knock off all contact with companies and corporations who have betrayed America including all Big Tech and Big Media and replace with something else.
  3. Be prepared to sacrifice for your country and your way of life and the way of life for your children and grandchildren. Use your common sense and innate nose for fraud. Be guided only by the worthy.

Most importantly, demand an answer to the important question regarding whether America actually voted out the greatest governing document ever created. Do not move on without that answer.

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