Published On: March 18th, 2023

In Follow the Money Part 1 and Part 2, Miss Constitution discusses the decision of the United States to involve itself with European banking as represented by the creation of the Federal Reserve.  In 1913, Congress passed and the President signed the Federal Reserve Act, a central bank that prints our currency as a loan to our government with interest and sets monetary policy for the nation.  It cannot be audited although there have been Congressional investigations of “money trusts” (the Pujo hearings) and excess banking and business profits in World War I (the Nye hearings).

The problem is not so much that the private banks and holding companies that control the Federal Reserve have enriched themselves, it is that they may unduly influence the foreign policy of the United States.  The foreign policy of the United States should be what is in the nation’s best interests, not the best financial interests of a few private persons and families whose incestuous interlocking connections remain dizzyingly complex and virtually untraceable.

Fortunately, we have been told directly by some of those involved what the ultimate goal of this cabal is. “We shall have world government whether you like it or not.  The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”  James Warburg before a Senate Committee hearing in 1950.  “If [world government] that’s the charge I stand guilty and I am proud of it.”  David Rockefeller in his memoir.

What if Americans do not want to give up their country for “world government?”  Those who favor it might say it is too late for America to resist.

Perhaps that is true, but we have a Constitution and other Founding documents that can help us.  We also have a great and innovative people, who are not going to allow “powers” about which we have little information, as Queen Elizabeth II tells us, continue to damage our country in preparation for its rollover into a world order inconsistent with our national values.

First, it is necessary that the American people realize that they have been taken down the garden path for over 100 yearsThe Industrial Revolution, like the Technological Revolution, created such accelerated change in the nature of societies that it is understandable that civic institutions in America and elsewhere had a difficult time coping with the speed of the change.

Steam-powered machinery, along with the concept of division of labor, produced huge quantities of product not possible before.  Improvements in gun powder, explosives, and metallurgy led to wildly effective weapons of mass destruction and ever more gigantic passenger ships and dreadnoughts.

While societies were not prepared for the fast-moving changes caused by steam and then steel, the banking industry was prepared.  Thanks to the ingeniousness of Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), central banking was already established in the financial centers of Europe.  What this means is that these banks already had experience in loaning to governments for their war needs and creating tremendous profits for themselves by funding both sides. They then financed the reconstruction.  The endless cycle has never stopped.  Nor have the artificially created financial “panics” and recessions.

With European governments dependent upon central banks for loans, it is the banks, interlocked with armament manufacturers, railroads, and other producers (by interchanging seats on corporate boards among other things) that partly controlled the foreign policies of these nations.  America, at the end of the 19th century was emerging as a rising power.  Agents representing central banks in Europe were established in America, hoping the United States would create her third central bank.  We did in 1913.  Whether William Howard Taft would have signed such legislation or Congress override a veto, we will never know.  Taft was an ardent Constitutionalist.  Woodrow Wilson did sign it.

European banks and their American agents wanted us to enter WWI.  To accomplish this goal the banking cartel purchased majority shares in German, French, and British news agencies to control the news. A “whole of government” approach was used, including a daily federal newsletter, sedition laws, cooperation of the postmaster general to lower postal rates for the propaganda in magazines and other mass communications, indictments for sedition by the attorney general, and a film and poster campaign that depicted Germans as subhuman.  Some German-Americans were actually lynched.  George Creel led the propaganda effort.

Second, it is necessary that the American people realize that the exact same “whole of government” approach and news control is going on now to prepare Americans for a reduced place in a new world order. The march through our institutions and civil order is obvious for all to see.  A certain percentage of Americans want to see the country’s demise; a certain percentage of Americans are being paid to destroy it; and a certain percentage of Americans have simply been taken down the garden path relative to what the new world order will mean for our unalienable and Constitutional rights.

Third, it is necessary that the American people realize that time is of the essence.  It should be obvious that the “war to end all wars” (World War I) just led to more war.  It should be obvious that there are powers about which we have little information wishing to institute world government in collaboration with certain public servants and others in America, international banking and other international organizations, and very old secret societies and clubs.

To the rescue – the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution!  Our national Constitution gives us the tools to combat the whole of government censorship of competing ideas on world government. There is no such thing as disinformation regarding public policy. No government entity (CDC, FBI, HHS, public schools, etc) can censor speech either directly or through proxies such as Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media.  The 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution, as interpreted by the US Supreme Court, involves the following rules:

  1. No government entity or person can censor express (spoken) or symbolic (signs, banners, armbands) speech regarding matters of public concern including scientific issues.
  2. The speech must be given in an appropriate public forum.
  3. Reasonable restrictions can be placed on speech regarding matters of public concern (time, place, and manner), but not excessive fees.
  4. Government authorities MUST protect the speaker, regardless of the content of the speech.

The recent invitation given a federal judge to speak at Stanford University is a perfect example.  Stanford is “government.”  A university classroom is a proper public forum.  He was invited to speak on a specific day at a specific time.  The Dean that was called in as students protested his ability to speak represents “government” and had an obligation to protect the speaker. Stanford administrators should know their duty and a law school should know the law.

Whether world government is a good idea or not should be vigorously debated.  The debate can start once censorship ends.  America cannot afford to be taken down the garden path anymore.

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