Published On: November 10th, 2020

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” – George Orwell.

This whole Presidential election does not make sense to Miss Constitution. It would appear that the Democratic Party is preparing in earnest for 2024. This is not a serious ticket in these dangerous times. And yet, American citizens are voting Democratic in droves. What is going on? The theme of the candidacy is “Building Back Better.” Back from the virus? Back from a record-setting economy? Back from the peace accords in the Middle East? Back from new hope in the black community? Back from the return of American manufacturing? Back from an historic development by the private sector of a COVID –19 vaccine? Back from new trade agreements that amount to fair, in addition to free, trade? Back from energy independence that has been a goal of America since 1973? What comes to mind for Miss Constitution is that all of these wonderful things were delivered by the wrong person. Donald Trump was not supposed to deliver these things. Donald Trump is supposed to be a morally compromised businessperson with a grating personality and a racist xenophobe to boot. He alone is responsible for things not being “normal.”

But what if those accusations are not true? What if it is the other way around? What if the past modern Presidents, both Republican and Democrat, are the ones who sold out the middle class? What if it is the past modern Presidents of both parties who caused the loss of the entire manufacturing power of the United States and sent it off to China?  What if it is the past modern Presidents who have allowed China to manufacture essential pharmaceuticals and security components for our military? What if it is past modern Presidents who have caused havoc in the Middle East and put Israel at risk for nuclear extinction? What if it is a recent President who said there was not a hint of scandal in his administration who put his Vice-President in charge of key adversaries to the United States knowing his Vice-President and his son were taking large amounts of money from these very entities? What if a recent past President deliberately unleashed a corrupt intelligence apparatus as well as a corrupt investigatory apparatus as well as a corrupt judicial apparatus (FISA Court) as well as a corrupt diplomatic apparatus against the campaign of an opposing Party and carried on with it after a Presidential election? What if all of this information is made disinformation by a complicit media, including social media, and what if the agency Americans count on as a last defense to truth (Department of Justice) cannot bring itself to issue pertinent reports or hold the corrupt responsible? What if a return to “normal” is actually an acquiescence for the undoing of our nation?

Here is part of the truth.

The Chinese Communists have the world’s largest Navy. They have stolen our warhead miniaturization technology. They have as advanced an Air Force as our own. They have 2 million men under arms. They have a vast intelligence and cyber-criminal network inside the United States. They have compromised some of our finest Universities with large amounts of money and disinformation centers called Confucius Centers. They are in the process of militarizing space and have created military installations on artificial islands in the South China Sea. They intend to own the Pacific including all of Southeast Asia and India. Their view is that while America has advanced nuclear technology, we are too soft to use it if necessary. Facing an American President who is standing up to them they have declared a People’s War on the United States and subsequently unleashed the COVID -19 virus. They intend to conquer the United States one way or another and are using fear and internal anarchy as a tactic. The virus and mayhem are just a small taste of what they can do to us. Is this the time for a compromised American President and a Vice-President selected for status?

Here is more of the truth.

The Democratic Party is no longer the Party of private-sector unions. It is no longer the Party of the “little guy” against “country club” Republicans. It is now financed by billionaires who are globalists and who have no loyalty to the country that allowed them great wealth. They are the Party of public-sector unions and government takeover of business. They would abandon the Constitution of the United States for a social and economic agenda that they want to push through an expanded Court. The important Electoral College cannot be invalidated but by Amendment to the Constitution under Article V, but a way around it has been devised. If it were not for the Electoral College, the entire Presidential campaign would be in California, New York, and Florida. That we are seeing trips by each candidate to the Midwest and to upper New England and to the West is testament to its value. Presidents need to hear from a cross-section of Americans and the peculiar interests of each state. The Constitution of the United States with its emphasis on individual growth, private-sector opportunity, civil rights against government power, and social justice beginning with the individual, must be protected as a working document not a museum piece. Miss Constitution hopes that there are still citizens with an appreciation for our unique system and a willingness to preserve, protect, and defend it.

How do we keep from drifting from the truth? Miss Constitution would have us return to the basics. She would have us return to a humility, to a loyalty, to a practical and savvy understanding Americans are famous for. She would have us realize that the sovereignty of the United States is imperative to world peace. She would have us commit anew to the unalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence; to the Rule of Law represented by the Constitution; and to a trust in God who has watched over and blessed us so far.

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