Published On: April 20th, 2021

Miss Constitution wrote last week in Full Speed Ahead Into the Ice Field that our Ship of State is headed for the same sure disaster that befell the White Star passenger ship in 1912. A relatively small number of persons, with significant public support, have hijacked our nation and intend its demise. This group has duck-taped the steering mechanism of our Republic to Full Speed and have armed guards at the ready in case someone or some thing tries to slow it down. Anything that gets in the way will be destroyed. This group is full of smooth talkers and cultural leaders who have assured a compliant public that all is well. After all, why would they destroy the Ship of State if they would go down with it? Sounds reasonable. It is not logical that so many would commit suicide. For some of the public, however, the speed itself is a thrill. Danger is a thrill. Watching businesses burn to the ground is a thrill. Being able to kill, injure or maim someone in authority is a thrill. Knocking an elderly woman to the ground and stomping her in the face is a thrill. Knowing no one will come to help her is an even bigger thrill. Looting is a thrill. Destroying the innocence of children is a thrill. Calling people racists and liars is a thrill. Canceling people is a thrill. Banning books is a thrill. Turning a good people into an evil people is a thrill. Surviving it all with a secret cache of lifeboats only the wicked may enter is the ultimate thrill. “We will be picked up and saved by our “friends”. They won’t forget we are out here, will they? Their genocide of Americans won’t include us, right?”

Miss Constitution went on to explain some of what happened, historically, that now has come back to injure us. She called on Americans to jump in and act to save their country. The few who could save us, however, know they might perish in the trying. The Supreme Court is terrified. Those passengers on Flight 93 on 9/11/2001 rushed the cockpit but went down with the plane. Paralysis has taken over even the brave – even the dutiful – even the faithful. We are simply standing around waiting for the final blow. Standing around in an eerie silence at sea – at night – the iceberg now in plain sight – the engines of the Ship of State humming efficiently.

But at the last second, God has intervened. In a most stunning fashion, He has delivered a message that can save us. We have not been forsaken. He will not allow Satan to win. Our Mother Country has re-entered our lives. In the softest of voices the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, beckons us to reclaim ourselves, to reclaim our faith, to reclaim our heritage, and to notice again what has always been there to guide and protect us – God, Christ, the Judeo-Christian traditions of Law, the Unchanged, the Abiding, the Rightful, the Unalienable, and the Universal. He used a simple funeral service of Prince Philip, consort to Queen Elizabeth II, to deliver into our hands the means by which we remove the duck tape on the steering mechanism of the Titanic and save our nation. The armed guards and the wicked purveyors of false witness and unclean action have no power over Faith. There, in a Chapel begun in the 14th Century, the stone fan vaulting a giant arm around our shoulders, greeted by George V and Mary of Teck, the sun radiating through hand-made glass, we quietly enter into the awe and mystery of that which once guided the vast majority of Americans. As a Girl Scout promises, “On my honor, I will try, to do my duty to God and my country; to help other people at all times; and to obey the Girl Scout Law.”

God is guiding us out of the trap we willingly let ourselves enter. We knew better. William Bradford brought to America a band of simple Christians wanting to lead new lives. Most died of famine and disease but they served God and each other as long as they lived. They carried with them the Geneva Bible. They revered the Old Testament and its lessons and Law and believed deeply, also, that Christ was with them on their journey towards virtue and wisdom. Among the admonitions for the remembrance of Philip:


By His own action He achieves His end, and by His word all things are held together.


O Be joyful in the Lord, all ye lands. . .His truth endureth from generation to generation.


I am the resurrection and the Life.

Psalm 104

My soul give praise unto the Lord of Heaven.


Oh Lord, hear our prayer. And let our cry come unto thee. In thy loving wisdom and almighty power work in them the good purpose of Thy perfect will.

What St. George’s Chapel tells us, by its very existence, is that we are part of Western Civilization, and that what Western Civilization represents at its core is a belief in God and in the values of Judaism and Christianity. America’s social order, inherited from England and then Great Britain, represented by our Founding Documents that include the Mayflower Compact, the Northwest Ordinance, the Articles of Confederation, and then the United States Constitution, REQUIRES that we embrace and try and live out a duty to God first, obedience to His lessons and Law, and then a duty to our neighbor as ourselves. That we strive but are not perfect is only a recognition of that which is innate to all human beings. We have allowed ourselves to be talked into a trip to the wilderness on the Titanic. We have been talked into a secular society we never intended and until recently have never embraced. We have allowed ourselves to be tricked into boarding with the lure of the material and a release from duty to God, Country, and our Countrymen. We think we can survive with the feckless, the dishonest, and the classless. We can’t. Through great irony (that is often the way His messages are delivered), America has been gently told what to do through the pomp and beauty of her former governing country.

We have been told to begin A New Great Awakening immediately. Throw off the slime of your sureness and re-enter the humility of your duty and proper purpose. A few weeks ago another message was sent to us in finding fragments of Zechariah in the Judean desert. Wokeness is the false witness God demands we abandon. It angers Him. Wokeness is the duck tape on the steering mechanism of the Titanic that must come off, NOW. Pray for the strength to clean off the grime that is suffocating you. Pray for the leadership that we need that knows no fear, and be grateful for what our Mother Country and for what Western Civilization have given us. Your national service, Philip, extended well beyond Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

Eternal Father, strong to save. . .
O hear us when we cry to Thee, for those in peril on the sea

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