Published On: October 20th, 2020

Miss Constitution found herself attending a meeting in which the speaker discussed “guardrails.” What a great description of the United States Constitution – a set of guardrails for the governance of our nation. Miss Constitution would ask each of you, “Does humanity need guardrails?” “Do each of us as individuals need guardrails?” Remember James Madison in Federalist #51 observing “But what is government itself but the greatest of all reflections of human nature? If men were angels no government would be necessary.” And yet what many of you would say is a necessity given the history of human behavior has suddenly been taken off the table by a large number of Americans. The whole woke movement is actually a dismantling of limits, a type of infinity rather than a boundary. All of a sudden, any alternative concept backed by data becomes a lie. All of a sudden, actual historical facts are simply erased, and new “facts” entered into the narrative. Shame, that age-old behavior modification technique is leveled against perfectly lovely people whose only “crime” is having dinner with their spouse. After all, having dinner with your spouse – if male and female — means that you accept the patriarchal notion of traditional marriage and therefore must be a homophobe and a bigot. If you are married to a person of your same ethnicity you must be a racist – no, you are certainly a racist whether actually or subliminally. You must also, by extension, be anti LGBTQ+ and whatever combinations of biology the imagination and excellent surgery can create. We are in a WAR AGAINST BOUNDARIES! The greatest boundary in our governance structure is the United States Constitution and almost half the population wants to throw it away. “Now, now, Miss Constitution. We do not want to throw it away we just want to rid ourselves of its inconveniences. We want to make it work when it suits our agenda and throw it out when it does not.”

Miss Constitution would have you picture raising your children with the notion of their infinite unregulated behaviors undeterred by any boundaries and the life that would entail for the whole family. How did this happen? How did calling people liars to their face become okay? When did it become okay to ask a federal Appellate judge if she has sexually advanced upon someone against their will or made a financial settlement after having abused them? Where did we get the notion that burning, looting, slapping, spitting, beating, assaulting, raping, assassinating, and maiming are Constitutionally protected behaviors? Who gave politicians the notion that the Unwritten Law of courtesy and comity does not apply to them? Courtesy and comity are part of the guardrails of our Constitution. A journalist just announced that the rude behavior of some Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee is their “right” and comports with the views of their constituency. No, Miss Journalist, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee do not have a Constitutional right to be rude, ugly, nasty, insulting, and dismissive. Our Unwritten Law requires you to be fair, reasonable, polite, and respectful. One’s “right” to alternative views remains within one’s “duty” to good manners. Having explained the reasons for our guardrails Miss Constitution will now explain their origin.

In philosophy, (a subject Miss Constitution would have taught along with history, civics, and economics to all children ages 6-12) our guardrails are called universals. Thomas Aquinas, 1225-1274, discussed three types of universals – those prior to the real world; those in the real world; and those outside the real world that exist as abstract thought. All three are reflected in our Founding documents. Our Declaration of Independence states that there are self-evident truths endowed to us by God and outside the ability of any government to restrict. We have, as human beings, unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and to pursue the Liberty of our own Happiness. God exists and God grants us these gifts by grace. That we often reject God’s gifts to us and blatantly reject God’s boundaries tells us something about the nature of human beings. In the real world, the Constitution of the United States creates tangible guardrails to protect both majority and minority opinions and rights. A woke opinion not shared is not permission to destroy. Tax-funded public schools and universities and colleges have no Constitutional right to limit ideas and speech within their campuses and schools. They have no right to inject curricula meant to brainwash and distort factual history. Protesting groups have no right to destroy other people’s property or public property, either. Screaming LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE to a ninety-year-old veteran is outside the guardrails of a civilized society. Outside the real world lies abstract thought. One universal of abstract thought is the notion of the Doctrine of the Black Robe. This is the abstract mystery of the moment ordinary citizens become worthy jurists. The black robe changes their view, their temperament, and their regard for ancient Common Law and the wisdom of the ages and allows them to be true servants of the people.

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas on an altarpiece in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, by Carlo Crivelli (15th century). Image Cradit: Wikimedia Commons

One of the originators of the Woke Movement that is shattering our society is Mikhail Bakunin, 1814-1876, who felt that identifying the “privileged” gave permission to destroy. He felt that the “privileged” are depraved and can be injured, murdered, slandered, destroyed without remorse, and without restraint by any universals or guardrails provided by God or society. His views led to the assassination of seven heads of state in the latter part of the 19thcentury and early into the 20th century. A small, tyrannical group gets to say who is privileged and who is not. This is the Godfather to the organized and internationally funded domestic terrorist groups of our nation and to the censors of speech represented by academia and corporate entities.

Miss Constitution would humbly make the case that guardrails are healthy; that guardrails make life easier for all; that guardrails prevent excesses in human behavior; that guardrails are not reflective of humanity’s hypocrisy but of humanity’s understanding of its own wickedness. The Constitution of the United States is the most intelligent and elegant set of guardrails ever created and they work in concert with the boundaries God has established and made known to us. How is it that we have not treasured and protected them? How is it that the old deluder Satan has led us to even consider throwing them away and taking up the infinite wickedness known as woke?

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