Published On: April 16th, 2020

There was a recent incident concerning a woman in Hawaii who became disoriented on a hike and was not discovered for seventeen days. For some of the time she was alone she stood atop a precipice and furiously waved her arms hoping a search plane would spot her. They didn’t for a long time.

Like this woman, our country has taken a hike from reality and become disoriented. We are waving our arms for help and the planes are not spotting us. Are they not seeing us or are they not caring to see us? WE THE PEOPLE ARE LOST.

For now, let’s not lay blame or try and understand how this came to be. For now, let’s just face the fact that we are lost; that there is a chance we will not be found; that our Constitutional Republic will not be a functioning system, it will be the memory of a functioning system.

The overarching premise of a Constitutional Republic is that the state is subordinate to The People. Since the state can accumulate or confiscate wealth (however one wants to see it) and controls an armed military; it amounts to the subordination of the strong to the weak. Winston Churchill thought this concept the basis of civilization itself – the subordination of the strong to the weak.

Library of Congress - Main Reading Room

Library of Congress – Main Reading Room

The United States Constitution structures our federal government and the relationship of the federal government to the states and to the People with this in mind. This is the reality that is being distorted.

Somewhere along the line the servants began to think of themselves as the masters. Congress, the jewel in the crown to the Founders, began to transfer more and more power to the Executive branch of the federal government, automatically creating a huge administrative state of unelected bureaucrats.

Congress relinquished fiscal control and responsibility, and now does not even produce a budget or a plan to handle the national debt. Our national finances are run by “continuing resolutions.” Congress is supposed to be our compass in the wilderness of domestic and international realities, and instead has chosen to smash itself to pieces and leave us lost.

The People are paying a big price for relinquishing their sovereign role and not educating at least three generations in the factual, not fabricated, basics of civics, economics, philosophy, and history. The “servants” have used this opportunity to usurp power and distort reality so that the People do not even know what is happening.

We the People must stop the bleeding. We must demand that Congress go to work and secure the nation’s borders and create a workable budget. No more recesses; junkets; vacations; or anything else until the basic work of the legislative branch is completed.

For those elected public servants who refuse to do the work they were hired to do We the People must fire them. In this way we will be, as was the lucky woman in Hawaii — saved!

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