Published On: April 4th, 2022

“In this time of trial. . . we have strayed from the path of peace. . . we have not honored the sacrifice of millions in two world wars. . .we grew indifferent. . . we grew arrogant. . . we chose to ignore God.

In this dark hour untie the knots of our hearts. . . we have run out of the wine of hope. . . do not let us be shipwrecked in the tempest of war. . . eliminate hatred. . . show people the pathway of fraternity. . . restore us. . . amid the thunder of weapons.

We now knock at the door of your heart. . . lead us now on the paths of peace.”

Pope Francis at the Consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, March 25, 2022, in union with all the Bishops of the Church.

This ceremony (part of the vision of Mary at Fatima to three Portuguese children, Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta in 1917) is the fulfillment of the final secret they were given. After 105 years of non-stop war and chaos, the human family – those not totally enveloped in evil – has come to realize that the catastrophic is possible.

There were three secrets revealed to the children. The third is thought to have been partially obscured because it included elements of corruption in the Catholic Church itself. The vision Lucia revealed in her final days includes people religious, in white, going up a mountain only to be martyred. For many, whether Catholic or not, these last two years of disorder have the feel of the whole world being martyred.

So today, for the faithful, renewed devotion and penance are promised. For the cynic, planning for survival is begun in earnest. For the unsure, seeking answers from the wise is a daily obsession. Life for many has the feel of the “other shoe” about to drop.

For Americans, as the Sovereign in a Constitutional Republic, the unraveling of international and domestic civil disorder requires an introspection never before asked of the American people since the dark days of the Civil War. We have been under the assumption that the genius of our institutional construct serves as a vaccine of protection against the mystery of iniquity.

This assumption has not materialized. Only each humble heart – one at a time – can bring us back from the brink of these discordant times. For the nation as a whole, there is a larger picture we need to see and features we need to notice that could help us strengthen the Republic as a force for peace.

The larger picture to see:

  1. Our Republic is unique although many other nations have Constitutions. It is unique because the American people are unique. It works because over a long period of time most Americans have been taught and accepted certain parameters and restraints that help create domestic stability.
  1. Although We the People are Sovereign, we have delegated a good deal of our power to public servants. Those that influence, as well as serve, are now pejoratively called the “Swamp.” Although not all individuals in the Swamp are corrupt, its corrupting influence on our society cannot be overstated. The Swamp cannot be fixed with new national elections. It can only be fixed from the bottom up.
  1. The most respected and unique federal branch of our government is the Supreme Court, but the Court has often strayed outside its proper function. The Court’s role is as steward. It must never be allowed to be anything else. The magic it represents can never be seen as political or ordinary. The magic (from ideological to non-partisan) takes place in the robing room – the Doctrine of the Black Robe.

Features to notice:

  1. The most important unit of power in the Republic is local. Almost all government mandates and directives regarding an individual should come from local/state authority – this is called Federalism. Localized government power helps prevent inclinations toward authoritarianism at the federal level.
  1. The Rule of Law in America is really four sets of laws: Positive Law (statutes, ordinances, constitutions); Natural Law (unalienable rights to life and Liberty); Moral Law (right and wrong); Unwritten Law (courtesy and comity). It is not enough to partially obey. Governments must fully obey, also.
  1. The American system cannot be imposed on any other culture. It is not transferable. For those who come here, we must promise to teach and each must learn the mandates of our civil order. This is not a cruelty – this is a necessity.

The paths of peace.

  1. Peace in the home begins with kind thoughts.
  1. Peace in the nation begins with kind homes.
  1. Peace in the world begins with kind nations.

Pope Francis has called upon the world to see that kind thoughts, homes, and nations begin with faith, humility, and duty. America must also be strong to save.

“Grant that war may end and peace spread throughout the world. . .inspire paths and projects of reconciliation. . .make us realize our need to pray and to love. . . restore among us the harmony that comes from God.”

While we are not a Catholic nation, we are a devout nation. These admonitions of Pope Francis are universal calls to us as individuals and to America as a country to set ourselves right. May we each take the first step towards a humble heart and may the world receive the Grace hoped for in the fulfillment of the Miracle at Fatima.

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