Published On: August 2nd, 2022

The evidences of tyranny having overwhelmed The Rule of Law are now so apparent in our society that even the most trusting citizen can no longer hide from the searing glare of such wickedness.  “The worst of treasons” according to Lord Byron.

We are asked to close our eyes – as small children without protection are trafficked across our southern border in a grotesque abuse of the innocent. “The border is closed,” says a federal government representative.  We are asked to close our eyes – as children as young as five years old are asked to abandon parental authority and explore their sexual “fluidity.”  “Parents who object may be labeled ‘domestic terrorists’ and prosecuted,” says the nation’s chief law enforcement officer. 

We are asked to close our eyes – as 235 years of national reputation are thrown away in a single moment of military delinquency and betrayal in Afghanistan.  Babies are pulled out of the chaos by their shoulder sockets or tossed over a wall by parents, desperate to save their lives.  Human beings holding onto the wheels of US aircraft taking off, thrown to their sure deaths.  “This is the right thing to do,” says the Commander in Chief.  Not one senior officer resigned in moral shame.

All of this and more has overpowered our culture and dumbfounded our People.  Tyranny, however, has been allowed to overwhelm the Rule of Law for a very long time.

In a recent article entitled, Is the US Constitution Serving Us Well? I posited that the Selective Incorporation Doctrine has harmed the structure of our system by creating an imbalance in favor of federal or national power at the expense of state power.  Associate Justice Stephen Johnson Field, appointed by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, is the judicial intellect behind this doctrine, and it has been used since 1925 to undermine Federalism – the basis of our Constitutional structure – and Moral Law –  the Supreme Law of our Land.  The Reign of Terror slowly began, in part, with this doctrine.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt used his popularity after his 1936 re-election to justify an “Emergency Order” to confiscate the personal gold of the entire population of the United States under penalty of law ($10,000 fine and up to ten years in prison).  Purportedly authorized by Congress (after the fact) under the “Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917” as amended by the “Emergency Banking Act of 1933”, this “emergency” was an unconstitutional Executive power grab and loss of much individual prosperity.

This tactic is now used with impunity.  An “Emergency” is still in effect for COVID-19 which allowed the national government to close private businesses with subsequent unnecessary bankruptcies; ordered school closures with disastrous results for young children; forced experimental vaccinations without regard for age, exemptions, vaccine efficacy, or vaccine danger; required unnecessary mask-wearing; demanded resignations of the non-vaccinated from the armed forces of the United States and its Coast Guard; and “punished” or “canceled” anyone who questioned the orders or the science behind the shot.  Natural immunity is not taken into account.

Today, there are calls for Executive Emergency Orders regarding “climate change” and “abortion on demand” even for fully developed nine-month-old fetuses. The World Health Organization has just called monkeypox a “global health emergency.”  Uh oh.  Here we go.  It is not going to end until the American people put a stop to it.  First, things to understand:

  1. The Rule of Law that governs the citizens of the United States is more than the Constitution itself, and is more than any President, Congress, or Supreme Court. The Rule of Law in America begins with Moral Law – right from wrong – and a reliance on God and the concept of righteousness – hating evil, loving good, and living in obedience to God’s will.  Our unalienable rights come from God, not the Constitution.
  2. The American people must learn enough civics, history, philosophy, and economics to know how the system is supposed to work and to recognize when tyranny is emerging. It takes at least twelve years or more.
  3. Our Sovereign nation is not ruled by global agreements or international treaties. Any global agreement that impacts the Sovereignty of the nation or otherwise violates the US Constitution is void. Global “emergency” measures must pass Constitutional muster and be approved by the US Senate.

Reigns of terror often begin with what appears to be innocuous.  In a March 9, 1937 fireside chat, Franklin Roosevelt told the American people “We have, therefore, reached the point as a Nation where we must take action to save the Constitution from the Court and the Court from itself. . . What is my proposal?  It is simply this:  whenever a Judge or Justice of any Federal Court has reached the age of 70 and does not avail himself of the opportunity to retire on pension, a new member shall be appointed by the President. . . Those opposing this plan have sought to arouse prejudice and fear by crying that I am seeking to ‘pack’ the Supreme Court. . .this plan is no attack on the Court. . .it seeks to have it resume its high task of building anew ‘a system of living law.’”

What Roosevelt proposed to Congress in the Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937 was a possible increase in Associate Justices of the Supreme Court to fifteen members he would select.  His claim was that the Supreme Court could not keep up with its workload.  No one believed him.  In a letter of defense Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes stated, “The Supreme Court is fully abreast of its work.”

The People opposed Roosevelt’s plan. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted the Bill out adversely and the full Senate sent it back to committee to strip the legislation of its packing proposal.  Sadly, because Roosevelt broke tradition by running for President four times instead of two, he was able to appoint eight of the nine Justices who eventually succumbed to his legislative and executive will. 

There are calls again today to try and pack the Supreme Court.  What can the average American citizen do?  What the average citizen can do is have some appreciation for the genuine progress of the nation and some determination to be a “watchman” on duty against despotism.

The current Reign of Terror in America must be stopped.  It is not just public servants who have abrogated their duty to the nation.  Privileged academicians, private businesses, even docents of our most treasured historic homes have bypassed fact and bought into the notion that America and her people must be destroyed.  Debauched children roam in mobs in many American cities. God is mocked or ignored.  Accurate and objective information is suppressed.  There is little investigatory journalism.

This is not about the likability of those currently in public office.  The American people liked and loved Franklin Roosevelt in spite of his extra-Constitutional attempts to funnel all power to himself.  This is about whether our Republic can survive the current autocracy that is hell-bent on destroying it and whether, if our Constitutional Republic survives, enough American citizens will become the knowledgeable guardians we need to protect its future.

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