Published On: May 1st, 2022

Former President Obama made a speech recently at Stanford University that epitomizes what is happening to American society.  He told his audience that he emphatically values Constitutionally protected “free speech” and then proceeded to argue vigorously against it. 

In his own way, former President Obama just announced that the Constitutional Republic we have known is gone and that a new governing order has taken over.  A Cultural Coup has taken place.  The Development and Liberty of the Person have now been replaced with an over-powering State in alignment with corporate oligarchs, university academic ideologues, and K-12 teacher’s unions.

The resistance to this new governing system, elected representatives of the People and strong families have been purchased, compromised, bypassed, or destroyed.  The few remaining holdouts will be canceled as “misinformed.”  Promises by public servants to protect the US Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic and to faithfully execute the Law “So Help Me God” are slaps in the face to both the US Constitution and God.  Eternal penalties will surely follow.

Some things are irreplaceable.  The library at Alexandria, Egypt, founded in 283 BC but later destroyed, contained as many as 1 million books and priceless papyrus scrolls.  The development of Western Civilization was set back for untold time because of its demise.  Later, in what is known as the Rape of Belgium, the University of Louvain Library was burnt to the ground in 1914 by the Germans in an act of terror.  300,000 rare books and manuscripts were destroyed.  Rebuilt by a horrified America, it was destroyed again in 1940. Invaluable incunabula were lost forever.

What we have lost in America today is not the records of our civilization but actual people themselves.  We have lost a complete generation or more to WOKE thinking and deadly drugs.  Until the COVID pandemic came to our shores, Americans trusted that their children were well cared for in public (government) schools and that they were getting a proper academic education.

We now know this is not true.  Parents began to look at what their children were being taught through Zoom classes when locked down and became enraged.  Public schools, it turns out, are currently vehicles of child abuse and racist indoctrination.  “How long has this been going on,” it is cried?  A long time.  One whole generation of irreplaceable children, at least.  Perhaps two.  Parents who speak out are labeled “domestic terrorists” and punished.  The Secretary of Education just testified before Congress that Senators and Representatives should “butt out” of oversight of government education. 

How do we know we have lost one or more generations of children?

We know because it is the generations that have been destroyed that are now teaching in public schools.  They are teaching American children what they were taught.  They work in companies and help set corporate policy based on how they were indoctrinated.  They run for elected office.  They start and run tech companies.  We can assume this has been going on since at least the 1990s and is reinforced in colleges and universities with their large Marxist faculties.  

If this is true, what can we do?

We have to take stock and we have to be realistic.  We cannot save the generations lost but we can prevent the next from being destroyed.  Every curriculum and text must be examined by the public and abusive doctrines and subjects removed.  The agenda in public schools is primarily academic.  High achievement and strict standards must be fostered and encouraged.  In the unfortunate cases where parents and guardians do not seem to care about their children’s education, carefulness is required so that no child feels his or her parents are being ridiculed.

What is being done to American children is being done to American adults, as well.  Current political policies are actually a type of adult abuse.  For example:

It is repugnant to our Rule of Law that violent crime and property destruction are tolerated as public policy and those responsible for public safety are injured and shamed.

It is repugnant to our Rule of Law that whole masses of foreign persons, unvetted and uninvited, are pouring into our cities and towns without regard to the public health and safety of those living there.

It is repugnant to our Rule of Law that lethal drugs are manufactured by our nation’s avowed enemies and sent across our borders to kill our people with the help of our own federal government.

Why is this abuse going on?

This is part of the terror campaign thought necessary to force the American people to submit to the Cultural Coup.  The tactics used do not include burning libraries, the tactics used include the subtle erosion of confidence in the adult American that his or her country is worthy.   The tactics include the subtle erosion of confidence in the adult American that he or she is worthy.  The tactics include overwhelming the psyche of each American with one disaster after another, both foreign and domestic, until the People throw up their hands and accept authoritarian power.

Where do we start?

The shield that protects us is the US Constitution itself.  Bad policies are subjected to rigorous scrutiny thanks to the 1st Amendment freedom of speech regarding public policy.  There is no such thing as misinformation in the public debate of ideas.  Science is part of this debate, as well.  If a private company serves as a major public forum, they become a public forum, and cannot censor viewpoint in the marketplace of ideas under the guise of being a private company.

The sword that protects us is Moral Law.  Americans know right from wrong.  It is central to our governing system and central to each adult and to each child.  The US Constitution is the Supreme Positive Law in our nation but our Supreme Law is Moral Law.  Moral Law is the 10 Commandments of Judaism and the 2 Commandments of Christianity.  These Commandments do not support child or adult abuse or a Marxist Cultural Coup.

Swear to put on the helmet of your intelligence; the sword of your Lord; the shield of our irreplaceable statecraft; and defend your family and your country against sure disintegration – so help you, God.  And unlike so many we have falsely trusted – keep your word.

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