Published On: August 16th, 2023

It is the best of times; it is the worst times, it is the age of wisdom, it is the age of foolishness… It is the season of darkness, it is the spring of hope, it is the winter of despair.  Adapted from Charles Dickens.

The Age of Foolishness

Nothing exemplifies foolishness more than the current political bloodletting going on between the Department of Justice, the State of New York, and the State of Georgia in one corner and Donald Trump and many of his attorneys and staff in the other.  This is the headline event of a Raw title match, Zuckerberg and Musk being the interesting possible undercard.

In the front row is Hillary (grab and smash) Clinton who won the popular presidential vote but not the electoral vote in 2016 and is giddy at the possible injury to her nemesis, saying only, “justice is being served.”  Many have noted that this is the first time they have seen her smile in seven years.  Sitting with her is Chris Christie and his friend Asa Hutchinson, eager for the slightest relevance, and behind her Mike Pence and his wife Karen, wearing matching Loyalty is a Virtue t-shirts and small gold crosses around their necks.

Having developed short-term political memories as a way of rationalizing current Constitutional atrocities, Miss Constitution would remind them of the following contested elections:

1800 – John Adams running for a second term was opposed by Thomas Jefferson.  Jefferson hired James Callendar to run a dirty tricks campaign (it turned out to be very successful) and ended up tied with Aaron Burr for the presidency.  After 36 House votes, with Alexander Hamilton providing the important influence, Jefferson won with Burr becoming Vice-President.  Burr killed Hamilton in a revenge duel three years later.

1824 – Four candidates of the same Party duked it out.  No one got a majority of the electoral votes.  Henry Clay, Speaker of the House, dropped out and threw his support to John Quincy Adams with the proviso that he become Adam’s Secretary of State.  Andrew Jackson was beyond furious and said so over and over.  Jackson won the Presidency four years later.

1876 – Democrat (the Democratic Party was begun by Andrew Jackson in 1828) Samuel Tilden against Republican Rutherford B. Hayes is the most contested election in American history.  Tilden had won the popular vote and was one electoral vote shy of winning the Presidency.  Congress created a bi-partisan Commission to decide.  20 electoral votes were in dispute because of allegations of election fraud.  Three states sent two slates of electors.  One elector from Oregon was declared illegal as he held a government job.  It was a mess.  The Democrats made a deal with the Republicans to give them the Presidency if Union troops were removed from the South.  In other words, protections for the black community provided by the troops would disappear.  The deal was done – all disputed electoral votes went to Hayes.

In just these three of many contested elections we have dirty tricks, two unusual deaths, quid pro quo for a cabinet position, competing slates of electors, an illegal elector, and finally a deal for the Presidency that left the black community in peril after the Civil War.  The Electoral Count Act of 1887 was passed to help clarify what to do with contested elections but the Supreme Court has never interpreted this statute and it is unclear what the remedies are for accusations of election fraud.  In any case, presidential candidates have the 1st Amendment right of political speech whether what they have to say is correct or not.  Just ask John Adams, Andrew Jackson, Samuel Tilden, Teddy Roosevelt, George Herbert Walker Bush, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, among many others.  A reluctant Supreme Court is going to have to put a stop to this foolishness before our political system collapses.

The Winter of Despair

The national despair is the uncertainty regarding the Executive Branch of the federal government.  What we need to know is whether or not monies from foreign governments reached Joe Biden when in an official capacity, with foreign policy decisions made by him accordingly.  A fiscal investigation, including possible overseas accounts, of monies paid at times testified to by Hunter’s business partners and an internal IRS informant, should occur quickly, discreetly, and immediately.  We also need to know if reported taped telephone calls regarding Biden foreign business deals are being held by Ukraine in exchange for financial support for the Ukraine/Russian War.

America’s winter of despair is caused, in part, by the whole nation being caught up in political foolishness.  A Raw match, while entertaining, is distracting We the People from the following:

Nuclear capability developed in Iran with her proxies such as North Korea, ready to destabilize the entire Middle East. Iran harassing western oil tankers and possibly closing the Straits of Hormuz.

Chinese/Russian military exercises just off the coast of Alaska.  China’s aggression re Taiwan.  Chinese capture and control of rare minerals in Afghanistan and Africa, necessary for our defense.

Credit downgrade for the American dollar; possible loss of global reserve currency status.  National bankruptcy.

Should a narrow investigation reveal unethical or illegal transactions in the presidency, Article II, section 4 of the United States Constitution would have to be invoked, and We the People would need to move quickly on to other critical matters – including our very survival.  The Vice-President would become President.

The Season of Darkness

America has lost her moral core.  According to Rudy Atallah, the Blessing Projects, America has the highest demand for underage human trafficking in the world.  300,000 children a year are trafficked, ritually murdered, or used as slave labor.  9.5 billion in income is generated worldwide from these acts.

Our open border has meant not only deadly drugs pouring into every community, but because we refuse to vett each person coming into the country, their identities are not recognizable to protective forces and they are lost to the whims of the wicked.  American Immigration Law does not allow open borders.  The current administration is simply turning a blind eye to the law and to the organ harvesters who use that blind eye to kill and then sell organs to wealthy recipients.  Mr. Atallah estimates he has saved 186,00 children world-wide from these atrocities.  He also saved the Afghan women’s soccer team who now live in Portugal.

Miss Constitution would remind all that it is our country’s choice to be foolish, despairing, dark, or immoral.  We can choose to be the spring of hope, to live in an age of wisdom and the best of times. 

Our moral footing can be restored and another 186,000 children saved.  What say you?

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