Published On: January 6th, 2023

“[It] was painful that I was so gullible.”  Michael Pillsbury, advisor to several administrations regarding China policy; considered the leading expert on China.  The Hundred Year Marathon.

It is extremely rare and refreshing to have someone in power and influence admit they have been duped.  The truth is that America has been duped by the Chinese for a very long time.  America has also been duped by a number of other international players, including leaders of the Soviet Union, now Russia.

Right now:  1)  Are we as a nation in danger by having been duped?  2)  If yes, what is that danger?  3)  If the danger is great and imminent, what do we need to know?

America decided, beginning with the Truman administration, to back the Communist takeover of China.  Dissenters to this policy were eliminated.  We later decided to hand over to China all our most important intelligence, technology, and military know-how in the hopes China would join the world as responsible democratic partners.

China had other ideas.  Mr. Pillsbury admits that in the 1940s, Communist leader Mao, in order to defeat the United States, studied a little known strategy called “The Warring States” (all deception) implemented by tactics known as “The Assassins Mace” (a method allowing a smaller force to defeat a larger one.)  Mr. Pillsbury advocated for joint China-American military power, recommending American know-how be used to create a world-class military in China.  We did.

The imminent danger of this foolishness is the reality of military defeat, another biological weapon unleashed upon the nation, famine, electric grid and other infrastructure destruction, collapse of the currency, loss of medical supplies and critical foods, and a transfer of American sovereignty to a global cabal.  Internal chaos and crime will destroy any attempts to mount a response.

How is it that someone so solid, so well educated, and so loyal to his country, could be so wrong?  The answer gives us an idea of what can be done.  Sometimes one of our pets gets his or her hair so tangled and putrefied that the best and easiest thing to do is simply shave the tangle out and let the hair grow back.  We have that kind of tangle in American foreign and domestic policy, now.  Here’s what the sovereign needs to know:

1)  Those hired as stewards (of both political parties) have failed and cannot be redeemed.  When your tires are spinning out of control in the ice and snow, stop digging further.  Every politician is not corrupt, but American politics is.  The Buck Stops With the Sovereign.

2)  Understand, as sovereign, that what you see in the breakdown of America’s political and cultural institutions, what you see in the breakdown of the family, what you see in toddlers pushed onto subway tracks, what you see in government supported sex trafficking and drug dealing, what you see in the deliberate destruction of the military, the mocking of the faithful, and the brainwashing in our schools, is on the tactical playlist of “The Assassins Mace.”  It is meant to soften up an enemy internally before an external attack.

3)  The method used to implement “The Assassins Mace” is guilt.  Americans have been made to feel guilty about the country’s very existence.  Guilt leads to self-loathing.  Self-loathing leads to defeat. This method has duped not just Michael Pillsbury, it has duped many Americans, including those in political, cultural, and religious power.  “White devil slavers!” so we abandon merit.  “You stole America!” so we burn whole towns down.  “Systemic racism!” so out goes the Rule of Law.  “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon!” so good people are openly assassinated and another family is in ruins. The race-guilt industry is being used as part of the tactics of the “The Assassins Mace.”  Robert Woodson of the Woodson Center and Dr. Carol Swain are trying to warn us all that this self-loathing is, in fact, destroying our precious black community.

If the above is true, not only is it ingenious and cunning, the American sovereign is late in waking up.  Yes; we are late in waking up, but do not underestimate the American people when finally aroused.

Michael Pillsbury did not blame others in his confession.  He took full responsibility for being fooled.  It does no good to blame others, but here is a short history of how we got to where we are and the decisions made by our elected leaders.  The source for this information is the Office of US Historian, Department of State.

When the British and others began to import tea, silk, and porcelain from China, paying in gold and silver, it soon became necessary to find an export China had to buy, as the hard currency was being depleted.  Opium became that commodity.  Famous American families made fortunes in opium smuggled into China, the money from which they used to invest in railroads and other American industries. (FDR’s family was one of them; so was John Kerry’s.)

China considered these businessmen barbarians (foreign devils) to be kept away from the people.  Business was conducted in a small area of Canton through only licensed traders.  Opium was ruining the Chinese people.  China lost the opium wars, however, and more ports of trade were opened.  Christian missionaries descended on the country.  They were mostly resented.  In America, Chinese labor was imported to build railroads and mine for gold.  Chinese prostitutes poured into the west.  America moved to remove the Chinese from America, in 1882, as detrimental to the family.

Nothing about WWI helped the Chinese. The Chinese Communist Party formed in 1921 with the help of the Soviet Union.  America backed the Nationalists against the Communists during the 1940s, but Truman allowed the Communists to prevail.  We recognized China in 1949.  Korea’s invasion of the south was pushed back and General MacArthur wanted to move north against China before they got too powerful.  He was relieved of his command by President Truman.

Through the horrifying Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward, China became a nuclear power in 1964.  They joined the UN in 1971, replacing the Republic of China on Taiwan.  China was given Most Favored Nation status. 19,000 Chinese students entered our universities. By 1980 China joined the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.  Reagan delivered sensitive technological and military know-how in hopes they would become more Americanized.  In 1999, Clinton allowed China to enter the World Trade Organization without regard for their human rights record.  Republicans and Democrats alike, duped through cunning – guilt as the method.

We now have wholesale intellectual property theft, Chinese student spies, insults thrown at our diplomats, a Chinese military and navy superior to our own, and an arrogant acknowledgment by China that Mao’s strategy and tactics have weakened the United States fundamentally.

Michael Pillsbury is not to blame, but may we learn from his experience and shave the tangle – NOW!

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