Published On: March 9th, 2021

Miss Constitution never forgets the legacy left to America by England and then Great Britain. Professional administration, Western concepts of the Rule of Law, art, music, architecture, notions of “civil” society, the innovative and interesting intertwining of religion and prosperity, and the development of and progress toward the dignity of the person. The Scottish Enlightenment is the intellectual foundation for the Constitutional and economic system that we have in America. The respect Miss Constitution has for Queen Elizabeth II cannot be overstated. Americans have always been the “common” people relative to the British upper classes, and comments made by many regarding the current “dust-up” in the Royal Family are in the vein of “Who cares?” about a bunch of wealthy Royals. It has left Miss Constitution with a rock in her belly to see the Curtain of the Eternal thrown back to reveal part of a family in crisis and some family members without class. One only has to see an interview with Meghan Markle’s father to understand.

That Oprah Winfrey would participate in this is surprising. Evidently she lives next door to Harry and Meghan’s $14M mansion in California and is involved in some joint business ventures with them. While this should have been revealed, Miss Constitution does not blame the couple for wanting to be interviewed by both a professional and a friend. The problem Miss Constitution has with the whole thing is what the couple wanted to tell the world. The couple thought it important for the world to think of the Royal Family, including the Queen, as a group of privileged racists who would deny their precious child Archie a title he so richly deserves but is not entitled to at the moment. To put more butter on “the Royal slice of bread”, Meghan was just horrified at life at a palace with her new husband and had thoughts of leaving them both and committing suicide over the slights she wanted desperately to label as racist. So, let Miss Constitution get this straight – you were welcomed into the Royal Family as the choice of Grandson Harry, the youngest child of the revered Diana, and because you are an American semi-actress and spoiled, (as are many children from Los Angeles and other parts of California) expected the multi-million dollar wedding and all the other perks of being the Duchess of Sussex to include EXTRA attention by certain Royals of Great Britain who by definition think the excesses of emotion in America a type of vulgarity.

In addition, you thought that by claiming you were thinking of suicide as a young woman with a new baby, you might be elevated into the Sainthood of Princess Diana, who struggled with eating and other disorders as a sweet and well-raised person who got caught up with a Royal who did not want to marry her and kept a Mistress close by his side at all times. Just who did you think, Meghan, was going to raise your child? How would your child eventually feel about a Mother who would rather commit suicide than take care of you? In this Contest of Victimhood, being mixed-race might give Meghan a one-up on Diana and should elevate her and Prince Harry into the Woke world of calling everyone alive racist to avoid it being revealed that you both are what we Americans call — BRATS. At the very moment of the interview Prince Harry’s Grandfather is hospitalized after dangerous heart surgery. He is 99 years old. The Queen not only has to deal with the stress of her husband’s health condition, she now has to deal with a Grandson she loves, swept into the arms of yet another American who does nothing but destroy everything British. Wallis Warfield Simpson, some sort of creature from Baltimore and lover to a Nazi, captured the imagination of Edward VIII and nearly destroyed the Monarchy in the process. Here we go again…

Calm down, Miss Constitution, you seem to be taking this personally. Well, perhaps so. Miss Constitution is of the opinion that the strength of Great Britain and the strength of the British Monarchy is important to the survival of America. The two nations together are very important in the maintenance of Western Civilization in other Common Law countries. In Common Law countries both laws passed by legislative bodies and legal traditions matter in the stability of the nation. America is going through a particularly difficult time right now as certain strong forces want to transform the nation from a Constitutional Republic to Marxist or Progressive state. Since the word “Marxism” is not thought of highly in America it is called “Democratic Socialism” but it is basically the same thing. It is an Oligarchy of a permanent ruling class in collusion with a global business class protected by a Woke military. Free political speech is being expunged as “disinformation”; people are canceled and spied upon; everyone is called racist and the nation is accused of being an exploitative boil on the behind of Mankind. What we don’t need right now is an attack on the Mother Country that represents much that is the gift of the West to the intellectual and spiritual progress of Humanity at large and the individual in particular.

Miss Constitution is aware that Americans have always felt a little “lesser-than” relative to the British. Queen Elizabeth’s stability, patriotism, good humor, integrity, steadfastness, and friendship with America is of great value to the sense of well-being we like to feel. We are aware that she has had a difficult time with her own children. Charles went off the rails in his petulance and his inability to be grateful for Diana and the two beautiful children they had together. He got what he wanted but the price was very very high and very very damaging. Andrew is not even allowed to exist in Royal presence. His sexual deviance would have landed anyone else in jail. No telling how much was paid to end the matter. Edward is off on his own. Anne, of the children, holds up the work and traditions that the Monarchy represents. William and Kate, as a new generation, are conducting themselves properly, thank goodness.

Miss Constitution thinks that this sad affair is actually an indirect statement by Prince Harry about what he thinks is the Royal Family’s part in his Mother’s death. Unable to discuss it openly, he has no compunctions about letting his wife take the lead and trash his family for him. Eventually, Prince Harry will think deeply about his Grandmother and his Grandfather and all they have done for him. He will forgive his Father and re-unite with his brother. He will come to appreciate the way his Mother raised him and he will not need to vent his anguish in the form of racist accusations that he knows are so destructive and untrue. He will miss his family and go back to them and hopefully get some counseling.

It reminds Miss Constitution that we all need to thank those we love for what they mean to us. We all need to be grateful for the Blessings of this Life, and to the country and system that has given us so much. Miss Constitution is very grateful for the legacy of England and Great Britain. This Sad and Shameful Saga she hopes will go away soon. God Save the Queen!!

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