Published On: July 28th, 2021

If one can picture America as a ship, stalled on the ocean, in hand-to-hand combat on deck and about to be attacked again by an enemy lying in wait – this is America today. Her crew having abandoned her, We the People must save the Ship of State.

Passengers of paid anarchists masquerading as racial justice warriors are trying to destabilize the social order and paralyze a reaction. Joining them are public school union officials who support poisoning student minds with misleading history and early sexualization. The crew, who are to preserve, protect, and defend the Ship of State turn out to be rogue and have abandoned their duty. Unvetted persons from all over the world are pouring up the side of the ship unrestrained, in what amounts to an Invasion.

Waiting in the backwaters but very close to the Ship of State is Communist China. She is presenting herself openly to the world as a Predator Nation. She has lured politicians and corporate heads into transferring American manufacturing and intellectual property to her and has purchased whatever media outlets, film stars, athletes, former bureaucrats, or elected representatives she needs to safely destroy the United States without the necessity of a hot war. COVID-19 is her first salvo but she has other bio-weapons ready to launch at any time.

Finally, a little farther away and shrouded in fog like a mysterious and unknown entity, lie the true masterminds of much of this chaos in the form of the owners of private central banks and the ultimate private central bank, the Bank for International Settlements located in Switzerland, and partially owned by our own Federal Reserve. These banks control most of the money and productive economies in the world and virtually all elements of the United Nations. Very few American citizens know anything at all about them.

The ultimate goal of this small cabal is to transfer the effective Sovereignty of the United States to the United Nations. The first step in that process is to use organizations they fund to destroy the long-standing institutions of America, often using the notion of “systemic racism” as the faux reason. The second step is to create a precedent for the transfer of federal taxing authority to the United Nations under the guise of a Global Minimum Tax that has already been approved by the Secretary of the Treasury. Once started, of course, there will be further imposed tax liabilities on American citizens by the United Nations as “Climate Change” or “Global Conservation” or any number of apparently benign global causes. The third step is to persuade the American public to accept this outcome as part of their duty to humankind. America has no duty to commit Sovereign suicide and should decline to do so.

It is too long a story here to explain how the third attacker, private central banking, was allowed to entrench itself in our federal system as a private actor for private profit, but America signed herself away with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the 16th Amendment taxing authority that provided collateral for the loans. The American military put muscle behind the arrangement. The Federal Reserve is a private bank owned by individuals and other banks who make individual profit printing and loaning currency at interest to the United States government. America does not print its currency free of interest through the Treasury Department as envisioned by the Founders in Article I, section 8 of the United States Constitution.

Congress shall have Power to. . . coin Money, regulate the Value thereof

Amendment XVI (1913)

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived

Congress delegated this important power to a private entity called the Federal Reserve with very little oversight and no meaningful auditing authority. The Federal Reserve owns shares in the larger Bank for International Settlements, but the bank and its owners remain out of investigatory reach.

So this is where we are. What the Founders promised would not happen in 1787 has come to pass – a rogue and corrupt federal executive branch, a fiscally irresponsible federal legislative branch, and a frightened federal Supreme Court. We the People, the ultimate Sovereigns of the nation are going to have to fix this mess and way before 2022. Those elections might be too late. What can We the People do?

  1. A public interest law firm should file a motion in the nature of Mandamus in a US District Court. A Mandamus action prays the executive branch be compelled to follow existing federal immigration law. If successful, the Invasion of America at the southern border would cease, temporarily.
  2. Citizens should demand that their representatives find a way to suspend China’s international status until the origins of the COVID-19 virus are fully disclosed and those responsible held accountable.
  3. Citizens should demand that their representatives halt approval of a Global Minimum Tax through the United Nations until the unintended consequences of such an action are fully understood.

Personally, we each need to get our moral houses in order and save our children. The crime spree must come to an end immediately and forcefully and a stable social order restored. COVID-19, assuming the elderly and others particularly susceptible are vaccinated, must be seen as a treatable disease, not a way to destroy the productivity of the nation and the mental health of our children.

Once We the People get the free fall stopped, we will have to re-look and re-think how to return to the principles and values of a Constitutional Republic and disentangle, as George Washington advised us, from the global corruptions we were never intended to embrace as a God-centered, moral nation.

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