Published On: May 5th, 2021

Many years ago (1954) when Joseph McCarthy was aggressively investigating Marxism in our culture, including our government, attorney Joseph Welch asked of him, “Have you no sense of decency, sir?” The question struck a chord with the American people. It struck a chord because the American people retain a sense of what should shame. And what should shame is what was said about Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina regarding his rebuttal of President Biden’s speech to Congress. Senator Scott and others in the black community are “required” by many to have political views deemed okay for a black person. If each thinks independently, each is accused of not really being black.

What? Thinking independently and individually is what America is all about. A marketplace of ideas. The Liberty to think freely and speak openly on public policy and have one’s ideas challenged and challenge back is a basic personal civil right.

Evidently not for individuals in certain groups. Miss Constitution, having followed the new administration now for its first 100 days, is frankly shocked. She feels it is time to recognize that about 35% of the population, including the President, is ready to impose a new form of government and another 15% are hoping the nation ceases to exist. The new trend, the trend Senator Scott is supposed to support, changes the emphasis of the system from the individual to the collective. One’s political views, as envisioned by the Founders, are not necessarily the views of the group one belongs to, but are unique to one’s person. One has individual civil and political rights as a person as outlined in the Bill of Rights. One has individual unalienable rights from God to Life and Liberty and a form of Liberty called “pursuit of happiness.” In addition, Americans retain individual rights not listed specifically in the Bill of Rights (Amendment IX) and also retain, along with 50 States, individual power not delegated or prohibited by the Constitution (Amendment X). It is supposed to be WE THE PEOPLE as opposed to the government. In saying in his speech to Congress a few days ago that WE THE PEOPLE are the government, President Biden just changed our entire system with one sentence.

What? What does this mean? Can he do that?

A President can say what he or she wishes. His statement was very significant. There is supposed to be a tension between the individual and his or her government. This tension protects individual rights. If the tension is removed and the People and the government meld, no Liberties are safe. The tension is removed by grouping people and assigning views and qualities to them that create a group conformity and the loss of individuality. The group will then be in support of government not in opposition to it. In Senator Scott’s case, for example, he is part of the black community and the black community has been assigned the quality of “victim of systemic racism.” No individual in that community is “allowed” to challenge the quality and views assigned. Presto – government power becomes limitless and to keep it limitless those in power pursue whatever strategies and tactics are necessary to keep it that way. One of the tactics is to try and humiliate individuals who do not conform. Another tactic is to try and get a large number of people to see the collective versus the individual as a positive – as “progress” – as “justice” – as “rightful” and unleash them on the unpersuaded individual. Very clever. Very clever indeed. Tyranny masked as “community organizing.” These tactics, however, turn our Constitutional system upside down.

What? We are still governed by the United States Constitution, right?

  1. In theory, yes. But the current President is not honoring the Constitution and our federal laws. His policies, for instance, have exacerbated illegal immigration. Hundreds of thousands of persons are crossing our border and some are detained and released into the United States without the required vetting. Other thousands are known as “got aways.” Citations for Court appearances regarding asylum claims have been abandoned. The President, by his lawless policies, is sanctioning child abuse, rape, drug and human smuggling, sex trafficking, and other sociopathic disorders that, if discovered, prevent that person from entering the country. Title 8, USC, Section 1182. He has encouraged an invasion of the United States. Illegal immigrants are perhaps a new collective he hopes to control as a group through the largesse of the government. They would not be aware of what our system is supposed to be. That is why we have legal immigration that helps each new immigrant assimilate to our Constitutional Republic and understand what Liberty of the Person really means. It takes time and careful education.

Article II, section 2, United States Constitution: The President SHALL take care that the Laws be faithfully executed.

Article IV, section 4, United States Constitution: The United States (the President, as Commander in Chief) SHALL protect (each state) against Invasion.

Article II, section 1, United States Constitution:   The President shall take the following Oath (vow to God) – I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will, to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

  1. To further affect this change in our form of government, the President has proposed re-educating the military of the United States and other federal agencies in Critical Race Theory. The purpose of this theory is to divide the people of the United States into groups of assigned qualities of “oppressed” and “oppressor” that dilutes the individual and individual thinking. This dangerous ideology is being proposed all over the country in public education and will eventually seep its way into pre-school education and younger. Once established in children, the tenets of our Constitutional system will be erased. The President has openly assigned to the People of the United States the quality of “racist” excluding black and brown Americans whom he has assigned the quality of “victim.” This collective group labeling is converse to the theory of our Rule of Law which attaches only to a person, not a group. It invites the social unrest we are currently seeing in many American cities and promotes domestic violence. Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA represent the street forces used to enforce conformity to this ideology.

Article IV, section 4, United States Constitution: The United States (the President, as Commander in Chief) SHALL protect (each state) on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive ((Governor) – when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

Miss Constitution cannot speculate why our President would want change our form of government and she is shocked at the attempt. We are indeed Constitutionally upside down. Tyranny is being legitimized in the name of social justice and “wokeness.” History is replete with oppressive and murderous government power at the expense of individual rights. America was meant to be an exception. Senator Scott spoke to what is happening. He was smeared as “Uncle Tim.” What a shame. The historic American experiment in guiding the individual person to wisdom and virtue is quickly coming to an end. Miss Constitution thinks 50% of the American people will not like what will follow.

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