Published On: May 28th, 2021

Warping the American Mind (Part I) proposed re-thinking our automatic intellectual acceptance of the outcome of WWII and of the part FDR played in assisting the Soviet Union in its empire-building under Joseph Stalin. For those of you who have studied this period of time, you are familiar with all the ways Winston Churchill tried to warn us of Stalin’s ambitions and their impact on the democracies. He tried, in vain, to personally convince FDR of what would happen, but Roosevelt preferred the company and the challenge of Stalin, and Churchill was frozen out of the ultimate decisions that assured victory for the Soviet Union in WWII. A map of the territory that ultimately came under the Iron Curtain is all you need to see to understand what happened. If you go deeper into the details you can hear the pleadings and the screams of soldiers who fought for freedom from German ambition only to be forced into hands of an even greater black hole of death in the Soviet Union. Their pleas were met by American indifference as we physically forced them into Stalin’s hands.

This makes no sense. Why would FDR do such a thing? You are indirectly accusing him of betraying his country. Major historians have told an entirely different story. True, many historians have been complicit in keeping all this secret and away from the American people. The Establishment panics when someone they cannot control enters the arena of public affairs. The secrets might come out.

Miss Constitution is asking you to go behind the curtain of assumptions and investigate for yourself. Some things are not that complicated. There are many missing records and “lost” documents, but there is enough one can find, if one looks, that validate asking important questions and re-thinking what is happening NOW in the United States based on the answers. Some facts are not well-known to the American people, for some reason. America broke the Soviet espionage code in 1945. The translations of cables between Moscow and Washington were dubbed the Venona Files and they revealed the extensive infiltration of Soviet agents in positions in federal government service and even in the military. An accidental revelation occurred in 1992 when Boris Yeltsin told an interviewer, “Some of them [American soldiers] may still be alive. Some of them ended up in psychiatric asylums.” Seriously? Left to die in asylums? The American public would be shocked to see who was part of all this. Those few who tried to warn or call out or say something were quickly moved into the dustbins of history. Alarmed professionals in the State Department suddenly found themselves sent to remote embassies with orders to remain silent.

The neutral facts, however, do not answer the question, why? Miss Constitution has no idea. The important fact to notice, however, is that a very large number of professional people thought this was the right thing to do. These are intelligent, thoughtful, knowledgeable people with stellar careers in public service. This is not everyday members of the Communist Party USA. This includes a President of the United States, his wife, and his closest advisors. It includes future Presidents, too, as well as academicians and historians who have participated in the cover-up and the myths surrounding the cover-up. All Miss Constitution can say is that a decision was made to vilify Hitler and the Nazis and to rouse public opinion regarding Germany while giving Stalin’s Soviet Union a pass on humanitarian horrors equal to or greater than those of Hitler. Operation Snow, for instance, was an internal operation meant to bring Japan into the war against America that would protect Soviet interests in Asia. It worked. Japan knew it had made a mistake but the die was cast. So, why? Miss Constitution will only say that perhaps it goes back to the notion of Utopias. From our earliest colonial roots, the notion of an idealized society has been part of the American character. Perhaps many did not see this as a betrayal of the nation but a boost to an ally. Perhaps President Roosevelt felt he had the skills to “turn” Joseph Stalin into an acceptance of democratic values – to converge the great powers into progress for humankind. By the time President Roosevelt cabled Stalin asking for permission to send rescue teams for American soldiers now in Soviet-held territory and was refused, he was near death. FDR, the great political force in American history and revered by the public, now must have known that he had been used. It is tragic. The cover-up had to go forward. It would be impossible to explain this to an American public that had sacrificed so much for the war effort.

Assuming any of this can be verified as true, what are we to do?

The most important thing we can do now is to be clear-eyed. If we survive there will be plenty of time to regret, to reflect, to learn anew, to ask other questions, to pray for forgiveness. Right now the results of WWII are still going on. We still have time to make a difference. It is the fourth quarter and we are way behind but the game is not over. These are some recommendations of Miss Constitution:

  1. China was allowed by the United States to become a Communist nation after WWII. Her purposes are as fixed as those of Stalin. We allowed her to join the World Trade Organization without restrictions just as Roosevelt brought the Soviet Union into the world of civilized nations. Absolute and realistic boundaries regarding her behavior must be set immediately. Taiwan must be militarily protected at all costs. Corporate interests must conform to national security priorities. China must be held responsible for global biological warfare and stopped from repeating the next planned, and more deadly, attack.
  2. Efforts are underway in earnest to soften the American public toward the acceptance of a totalitarian state by undermining the tenets of a Constitutional Republic. Part of the effort is to weaken the belief in our system by denying the validity of our values through our education system. Part of the effort is to broaden the reach of the federal government to the extent it functions as a totalitarian state under the guise of a third co-equal branch of government. Part of the effort is to assure that our population remains totally ignorant of all neutral historic fact. This two-prong effort of attack from without and from within is extremely dangerous and determined. It includes social media giants. New platforms for authentic journalism need to be established immediately.
  3. Our military must be lethal and ready to be used. Discretionary funds must be directed toward building an adequate Navy relative to China and strengthening our military alliances to the point that the power of our military might with others serves as a deterrent to aggressive moves by China, Russia, and/or Iran. Israel must be protected at all costs as well as India, Indochina, and Japan. To create this important national security objective, America must be energy independent and economically superior. Manufacturing must be brought back to the United States and dependency on China reduced dramatically. Efforts to transfer American wealth to international entities controlled by China must cease. The effort underway to weaken our military through false propaganda must stop immediately.

These suggestions are tough and hard, Miss Constitution. They are unfortunately necessary. We allowed ourselves to go from the strongest most prosperous nation on earth to very vulnerable. God help us.  

From the Wringer Files, secret US Air Force reports, 1947-1956 – a broken-down German serviceman attested to the presence of American intelligence officers forced to work in Soviet mercury mines. Another, in 1954, reported he had shared a cell with an American pilot convinced his government would rescue him. The American government rescued no one. Yeltsin’s press conference with President George H. W. Bush, where he admitted that Americans might still be alive in the Soviet Union, was immediately reported by our press as a mistake. We will address all this later – now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

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