Published On: April 6th, 2023

A faithful reader of Miss Constitution’s blogs asks, “What evil is this?” that has descended like a plague on our society. What, the reader worried, is to happen to our children? This is Miss Constitution’s reply:

“What evil is this, you ask? This is an evil having its incubation many centuries ago in the unrest and bloody battles following the Protestant Reformation of 1517. Western Civilization developed within the womb of Christianity because Christianity, thanks to such theologians as St. Thomas Aquinas, was able to incorporate both faith and reason at the same time. This allowed the Scientific and Artistic (think Renaissance) Revolutions to flourish within the boundaries of faith in and duty to God. Capitalism, our economic system developed by Adam Smith around the time of our American Revolution, has these same two components – the scientific development of capital and productivity within the boundaries of moral and ethical duty. Our whole system is based on Universal Truths, ie that God exists and that our primary duty is to God and then our fellow man. This is encapsulated in the Girl Scout oath: “On my honor, I will try, to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people at all times, and obey the Girl Scout (Rule) of Law.” Simple.

There arose, however, out of the chaos of the Reformation, private organizations that turned their back on God and decided to try and undermine the basis of Western Civilization. In concert with the central banking cartel that I have written about at great length, they turned their sights on destroying the basis of American society as American society is the last bastion of Judeo/Christian faith, reason, and duty to God and country. The banking cartel has all the money in the world to affect this goal. You can see the results. George Soros is just one of their poster boys. Their goal is One World Government run by them.

Solution? If the American people ever wake up, we will have to pull back from the international cabal and get our house in order. It will take a couple of generations. We entered the international banking cartel in 1913. We need to re-examine this decision. It has not only bankrupted us through constant and unnecessary war, but it has also provided all the money in the world with which to destroy the United States. This is not isolationism, this is prudent action steps for our survival. Deep down, the American people are a good people and a courageous people. We all have some of William Bradford in us. We can slay this most monstrous plan to defy God and country and we can put the forces of evil back a bit if a leader or leaders emerge to help us. You asked the right question – this is my studied opinion. God still wants to Bless America.”

We dismiss the message in this reply at our peril. Once we allowed decisions about American policy to be determined by European banking interests, we lost control of the Republic. We became a corporate/banking/military/administrative oligarchy whose financial backing of important federal and state candidates for office, key institutional players, professors and university administrators assured its continuance. The US Constitution has largely been abandoned by many of those who took an Oath to preserve, protect, and defend it, even though it is the Supreme Positive Law of the Land (Article VI). Presidential elections are now managed fraud masked as free and fair.

What evil is this? We are living in a putrefied cesspool of it – an abandonment of all scruples, high treason, dereliction of duty, incompetence at dizzying heights, orgies of wickedness, Satan Clubs for children, all manner of institutional destabilization, the rise of the meritless, the loss of the honorable, elimination of any standards, self-loathing freak shows, illegal government racism, and all the ways in which the minds of human beings can abuse the animals we have a duty to care for, maim and destroy the innocence of children we say we love, and mock and sneer at the very author of the blessings of this life that we have the highest duty to recognize and honor.

There are those who find this evil amusing and gratifying. There are those who find this evil profitable. There are those who cannot see this evil as they have been programmed to be blind. For everyone else the loss of our children, our culture, our federal Constitution, our Rule of Law, our decency, and our national competency is heart-breaking.

1. This is no one’s fault now living. We gave up the Republic over 100 years ago. The domino effect of that decision has led us to where we are now. An authentic study of American history substantiates what happened. Miss Constitution will be writing about this history in subsequent blogs. What we see is the result of the loss of the Republic and the efforts over the last 100 years to cover up this loss.

2. Each adult American and those adult non-Americans who care about whether America should still exist can:

a. take one action in your community to end the cultural chaos – try a school
b. take one action in your family to reinforce the family bond – eat together without phones
c. reach out to animals that need your help – try the whales along east coast beaches

3. Ask your Congressional representatives to strengthen our military and defense systems immediately. Demand they close the illegally open borders. Plan to personally monitor your state and county elections for computer and other avenues of fraud. Request that the voter rolls in your county or township be purged of the deceased and other illegal voters. Examine minutely the protections in place in your county or township relative to early voting, Zuckerberg voting boxes, and absentee ballots. American court systems will not address voter fraud. Voter fraud must be prevented in the first place. Volunteer to help.

Baby Boomers think WWII produced the greatest generation of Americans. Abraham Lincoln thought the Founders of 1787 were the greatest generation of Americans. The Founders thought the Pilgrims were the greatest generation of American colonists. The greatest may be in the future, for these are the worst, most dangerous times America has ever faced as a nation.

William Bradford wrote, when Plymouth Plantation was lost to the larger Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1692, “[A]ll great and honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulties, and must be both enterprised and overcome with answerable courages.”

In a book about the Pilgrim experience, George Willison writes “Yet Mother Plymouth’s day was not done. . .she would shape the ideas, manners, customs, ways of life, and moral values of millions of Americans. . .the democratic equalitarianism implicit in [Plymouth Plantation] was never killed and has constantly grown stronger.”

What evil is this? It is an evil that must be overcome with “answerable courages” as William Bradford tells us and all hands on deck with those courages. Mistakes of the past can be corrected, but there can never be another United States of America and its Founding documents, unalienable rights from God, and Rule of Law.

We will not be subsumed in some One World Government scheme of dishonor to our Creator.

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