Published On: July 20th, 2023

A couple of weeks ago, a chimpanzee – Vanilla –  that had been caged in darkness her entire life, saw sunlight for the first time.  In what amounted to a nanosecond, for those who saw it, the whole notion of goodness and truth flashed before our very eyes.  So this is what goodness and truth looks like, oohhhhh.

Americans are now virtually emotionally numb to the vile and the wicked. We didn’t used to be that way. The conditioning has been going on a very long time, and so slowly and so surely that we citizens do not recognize what has happened to us.  We are as caged as poor Vanilla; caged but think we are free; lied to repeatedly but accept, as normal, being deceived.

At last week’s Congressional hearings on the conduct of the FBI in unconstitutional surveillance and illegal targeting of American citizens, Miss Constitution was shocked at the testimony of the Director.  He does not remember anything, he cannot possibly comment on anything, his agency would not do such things, he has already trashed inappropriate memos about Catholics from field offices, he is unaware of emails from FBI leadership to social media executives asking that information be unconstitutionally censored, he knows of no double standards regarding federal criminal investigations, he is unaware that the new power given the FBI in national security investigations (after 9/11) has been used improperly, and he has no idea what federal courts have discovered and said about this. His facial twitching when obfuscating was virtually uncontrollable.

Miss Constitution was also treated to testimony by John Kerry, appointed Climate Czar by the President for an existential threat that is not universally agreed to scientifically exist, regarding the carbon-footprint he is leaving on the planet with his constant private-jet travel for endless meetings on the topic. He was also filmed at Windsor Castle with King Charles III telling those gathered that he has trillions, yes trillions he can spend supporting child slave labor in Africa to acquire minerals for batteries that cannot be recycled, forcing Americans to buy vehicles they do not want, household goods they cannot use, proposing surveillance of car use, boat speeds, every aspect of daily life, and, oh yes, the private jet was his wife’s, not his, but yes I did fly on it – someone like me has to travel like this.

Gaslighting such as this began in earnest in the late 19th century.  It was used to justify the Spanish-American War and the brutal subjugation, by America, of the Philippine people.  American “manliness” and Manifest Destiny were the excuses. Teddy Roosevelt also negotiated a secret treaty with Japan to allow Japan to take over Korea. Japan did so, very brutally. The treaty was never submitted to the Senate for its 2/3 approval. The whole thing was kept secret. Reporters were courted assiduously so TR was never asked the hard questions. Ida Tarbull alone, a journalist from McCluer’s Magazine, began to wonder what was really going on, but could not bring herself to believe it.

The deceiving that began in the late 1800s has only led to more.  Americans did not want to get involved in the disaster that was World War I.  Wilson was talked into it and the propaganda began. Anyone who disagreed was subject to the Espionage Act of 1917. World War I made enormous amounts of money for a handful of European bankers and their American agents. Earnest efforts to end the war were squelched as unpatriotic.  Britain lost an entire generation of worthy men and has never recovered.  The years that followed were like a drunken weekend of lost morals and reckless speculation.  In 1931 the Bank of England ran out of gold and the Great Depression began.

President Franklin Roosevelt handled the crisis by teaming up each morning with an agriculturist, George Warren, to set gold prices. Finally, FDR simply confiscated all privately held gold in America. He explained all this in one of his fireside chats. Additionally, the Marxist ideology represented by the Russian Revolution of 1917 had somehow become an ideal to a significant number of Americans in power in the Roosevelt administration.  New Deal leadership was filled with those persons who wished to aid the Bolsheviks, including the right-hand-man to the President, Harry Hopkins.  FDR recognized the Soviet Union in 1933; Stalin was allowed to control our war effort in World War II; we secretly sent Stalin our plans for an atomic bomb; and China was allowed to become a Communist state. Those who tried to expose the gaslighting required to cover-up what was really going on have, to this day, been branded as insane. To see daylight again, ethical historians and journalists must publish and re-publish all the data currently hidden that exposes what really happened. The betrayal was uncovered in 1945 through breaking the Venona Codes but kept from the public. The only explanation for FDR’s role in this seems to be that he thought he could “bring Stalin around” in a type of convergence with communism and capitalism.  FDR’s mistake cost 100+ million lives.

What gaslighting does and continues to do is require that each new administration in America (Truman and Eisenhower, for example) cover for the gaslighting of the past while hiding, through classification and disappearance, what it does not want the public to know. This slippery slope ultimately leads to a distortion of reality itself – an inability by the human mind to comprehend facts that belie empirical observation.  This is where we are as a society today – “chest feeding” rather than breast feeding, in other words, being told over and over again that snow is black until we believe it.  Censorship, under the auspices of preventing “misinformation” is used to crush any statement that contradicts artificially created reality. To see daylight again, the American people have to declare enough is enough. Let all the ugly facts be exposed.  Let us see the “insurrection” film of 2020 in its entirety.  Was there FBI entrapment?  Declassify everything just prior to the Spanish-American War.

This brings us to the ultimate gaslighting structure used in the world today – the United Nations.  America signed on to this institution in 1945.  The European bankers along with their American agents (owners of our regional banks in the Federal Reserve) simply moved their operations to international entities. “We shall have world government. . .the only question is will it be by conquest or consent,” says James Warburg (a now-deceased member of one of the international banking families) to a Senate committee in 1951.  From the initial goal of helping maintain world peace, the United Nations is now nothing more than a cesspool of corruption used as a way to bypass American law and the required 2/3 Senate approval for anything that binds the United States.  To see daylight again, the United States should pull out of the United Nations and WHO until assessments can be made of whether a connection to these organizations is compatible with our Constitution and Rule of Law.

Miss Constitution, this is all so depressing.

Not really, if we move swiftly. No one would have thought that Vanilla could be released from her dark cage and show us goodness and truth instantly.  Should the American public, like Vanilla, wake up and come out into the daylight for the first time in over 100 years, they, too, will go oohhhhh.  In Amendments IX and X of the United States Constitution, ultimate rights and powers are reserved to the People of the United States.  Miss Constitution hopes Americans take those rights and powers back and that they never let them go again. Resistance to this will be fierce.

Thank you, Vanilla, for showing us the way.  We promise we will be numb to the vile and wicked no more.  We only hope it is not too late.

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