Published On: December 30th, 2022

Last week, in A Battle Has Been Lost,  Americans were asked to take responsibility as individuals for the loss of the cultural battle that has been waged against America’s national values and legal framework.  As this column is being written, the victors are quickly trying to codify their gains into federal and state statutory law (through Congress and state legislatures), so that state and federal courts will be obliged to honor their gains in court decisions. This has been accomplished with some success.

A Connecticut court just ruled that males identifying as females may be allowed to compete in girl’s and women’s sports competitions as a welcome sign of “diversity.”  Since the word “equity” does not exist relative to performance of any kind, the words “inclusion” and “diversity” mean including and expanding what is the “same.”   In a turtle race, for instance, a hare racing as a turtle is not an example of diversity, it is an example of  “unequal” and “inappropriate.”  Title IX federal protections for girl’s and women’s sports have been eviscerated by such court and public policy decisions.

Americans, in A Battle Has Been Lost, were asked to take moment for reflection, for deep thought, for atonement, and for meditation and prayer, in hopes that a new sense of responsibility for God and country might emerge in each American heart.  A battle may be lost, but a war might still be won.

These prayers have been answered!  A single unlikely individual took a stand, spent his own money, and exposed federal government collusion with private corporate entities (purporting to be “public utilities”) where such collusion is unconstitutional.  These public utilities (social media) represent a “public forum” our federal Constitution deems the rightful place for free, uncensored speech, on matters of public policy, including matters that include science and public health issues.

What have these new revelations of government/corporate corruption done to change the dynamic of “the lost battle”?

What they have done is allow the American people to move on to other important issues that need their attention.  The public now has the undisputed facts in the form of tweets, emails, and other forms of communication that represent the tip of the iceberg regarding improper censorship and election tampering.  Many views deemed “conspiratorial” are now known to be true.  A broken mast, floating in the ocean, implies a sunken ship.  All social media venues lie deep at the bottom, having engaged in the same illegalities.  No need or time to wallow in “we knew it.”  Corrections will come.  Three important issues now demand the sovereign’s immediate attention:

1. The Ukraine-Russian War

Four columns have been written on the Ukraine-Russian War that one might want to re-visit.  Ukraine and the United States Rule of Law”  March 9, 2022.  Ukraine and the United States Rule of Law:  Part II”  March 28, 2022.  More Perspective on Ukraine – A Wake-up Call for America”  March 28, 2022.  The Significance of Ukraine – We Cannot Allow Russia to Win Her War of Aggression”  May 17, 2022.  Go to:

This is not a conflict that, as President Biden suggests, we continue to fund until Russia fully withdraws and repairs damage done to a sovereign Ukraine.  We are helping Ukraine, in part, because we are signatories to an agreement signed by Great Britain, the United States, and Russia that Ukraine would not be invaded.  The Budapest Accords, 1994, came about because we insisted on disarming Ukraine of her nuclear defense weapons.  Russia saw an opportunity and has violated these Accords.   The invasion, thankfully, has stalled and it is now time to demand a negotiated settlement, not unconditional surrender.  NATO must be encouraged to play a major role in this negotiation and, in return, America needs to promise energy support for Europe.  An Inspector General must be appointed to oversee the proper use of funds already given, and technical support for complex defense systems sent to Ukraine must be assured.

This is a very dangerous situation in the hands of a confused, incompetent, and compromised Administration.  The Sovereign needs to demand productive negotiations begin immediately.

2. The Open Southern Border

The open southern border is about reproduction, it is not about votes.  In response to former President Obama’s threat to “transform America” it has been decided by the Democratic Party to end white majority in America.  Misusing the federal asylum rules to overrun the country is not Constitutionally protected under Article 4, section 4, of the United States Constitution.

This is a very dangerous situation in the hands of a malignant administration whose concern for both the men, women, and children illegally entering the country and those already here is non-existent.  Until the border is secure, all entering need to be quarantined until properly vetted.  Part of the vetting process is contained in Title 8, section 1182 (“Inadmissible Aliens”) of the Federal Code.  Special attention needs to be paid to diseases not known widely in America that might become unmanageable.

The Sovereign needs to demand the southern border be closed.  The Supreme Court needs to be involved, if necessary, in a requested Mandamus Action to force the federal executive to act in upholding federal law and to stay current Court decisions that are being misused.

3. National Bankruptcy

The reckless spending cannot go on.  Both Democrats and Republicans just spent America into oblivion.  Interest on the debt must be paid in high-interest inflationary times.  The dollar must remain the reserve currency of the world or the total Bill (debt) is Due Upon Demand.  Since both Parties have fused into irresponsibility, either a new Constitutional Party must be formed, or the majority of Americans must become Independent voters and leave their Party allegiance behind.

We are at a fiscal point of no return.  The Sovereign needs to demand Congress, the Executive, and the Courts return to regular Constitutional order.

You say a miracle is needed.  No, prayer is needed.  Humility is needed.  Selflessness is needed.  The Rule of Law is needed.  Remarkable persons sometimes just appear on America’s horizon, as in recent weeks.  This is not an accident.  This is both an answer and an admonition.  It is an ancient admonition.

Move on from the Twitter battles that have already been won and concentrate on a few major national issues that will determine the nation’s ultimate fate.  And do continue to pray!  Who knows who will next realize that America does not need to be transformed, America needs to be saved.

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