Published On: January 19th, 2023

Now look at the fine mess you’ve gotten us into.”  Laurel and Hardy, 1931

What a mess indeed.  In Gullible Goeth Before the Fall, it was indicated that the situation relative to public policy for America is so tangled that the only sane approach is simply to cut the tangle out.  No amount of washing and combing will help.

First, this is where we are:

  1. An argument can be made that the nation we know as the United States of America does not now legally exist. There is no such thing as a nation-state without legal borders.  That is why the Secretary of Homeland Security keeps saying that the border is “closed.”  If he admitted that the border is open he would be admitting we are not a sovereign nation.  There is no federal immigration law that allows open American borders.

The nation is now possibly equivalent, under international law, to the “New World” that colonists from Europe claimed as theirs.  It is part of land known as the North American continent that includes Canada and Central and South America.  It may be treated as such by global organizations who support open continental borders.

Article IV, section 4, of the United States Constitution, is the primary promise of the federal government to the states – protection from invasion and the guarantee of a republican form of government.  If this promise is no longer honored, individual or groups of states may take the opportunity to legally break away from the whole without the accusation of secession.

  1. With the coming of the Industrial Revolution (late 18th Century), investments by governments and individuals moved to global capital markets. The rise of central banking facilitated this seismic shift from loyalty to the nation-state to loyalty to financial gain from whatever source.  Private individuals and privately-held banks began to loan money to governments to fund their wars and their needs for armaments and infrastructure.  These incestuous banking entities funded each side of a war, received reparation payments from the loser, interest on loans from the winner, and then made loans to all governments for the clean-up.  They had no incentive to stop wars early-on to save lives.

The alternative to this profitable scheme is for America itself to issue its own currency (not have private bankers issue its currency as a loan to the government with interest) and fund the needs of the country with taxes, excises, and tariffs.  This latter process assures that financial discipline is maintained as the citizens will only be taxed so much.  This was America’s position for a long time.  Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln guided us well.  John F. Kennedy tried.

Then, through the complicity of Woodrow Wilson and others, America succumbed to central banking in 1913.  We have been at war and reconstruction ever since.  Congress and future Presidents have tried to paper-over what this did, but the body count has piled up. To add a layer of obfuscation to the scheme, global banking systems have been established with wonderful mission statements, but the same few owners.  They meet regularly in Europe.

  1. Even though, by policy, we may have relinquished our sovereignty as a nation, our ingrained institutions might still provide stability through hundreds of years of habit. They, however, are going fast.  Law and order is going fast.  Our unique Rule of Law (natural, positive, moral, unwritten) is going fast.  Christianity is going fast.  Educational institutions are mostly gone.  The family unit is going fast.  Decency is going fast.  The medical profession (first, do no harm) is going fast.  Political integrity is mostly gone.  Loyalty to a United States is going fast.

Second, we might want to:

  1. Shave out the tangle of our own denial. As Charles Eliot Norton put it in 1898, America “has lost her unique position as a potential leader in the progress of civilization and has taken up her place simply as one of the grasping and selfish nations of the present day.”  Approximately 150 million lives have been lost in the 20th century in avoidable wars and genocides for the purpose of a few prominent families, many of whom also own weapons manufacture, making obscene amounts of money.  America dropped two atomic bombs on people. This pattern will continue unless we return to our “unique position.”
  2. Shave out the tangle of our tolerance for debilitating changes in our culture and law under the guise of social justice. “Equity” does not exist relative to performance. Damar Hamlin is alive because of merit.
  3. Shave out the tangle of the notion that each of us can avoid changes we need to make as individuals to fix the mess we are in. Unpopularity may be the price.

Third, how are the people responsible for all this able to get away with it?

Prior to WWI, private bankers, who had funded the Allies, used tactics familiar to us today.  First, they created organizations that claimed to want peace, but were really promoting war.  Second, they purchased news agencies in Germany, France, and England to control what the public knew.  Third, they created an advanced propaganda and censorship program to get the public to support the war.

When the bankers finally got Wilson to sign on in 1917, he immediately created a censorship board and approved the Espionage Act that criminalized the war’s critics.  This is the familiar pattern of government censorship and gas-lighting going on prominently today.

For 125 years the American people have not been told the truth.  Once America signed on to central banking in 1913, each administration has had to deal with the awkward fallout.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt tried to go around its effects, but ended up confiscating all privately held gold in 1933 in his attempt to “fix” the Depression.  His scheme failed and war became his answer to our economic woes.

What a mess indeed.  Stan Laurel would still be blubbering over it.  And yet. . . Laurel and Hardy always came out on top in the end.

One suggestion from Miss Constitution:  evaluate everyone as though he or she were George Washington.  He could and did give people “the look” when he considered them less than honest. If he were here and President, he would immediately call up troops and personally take out the Mexican drug cartels and close the border.  Hopefully, others like him will emerge.  We still have a chance that this can be reversed and George and Martha Washington can, finally, rest in peace.  It will, however, take real courage by the American people to put things right.

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