Published On: March 29th, 2021

Miss Constitution recently wrote a column on the “The Sad Saga of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry,” here is yet again an American woman who has no compunctions about destroying everything around her, this time under the guise of Royal Family Racism. The hapless Prince Harry will one day come to his senses, but not before tremendous damage has been done. Miss Constitution thinks they are “young for their age”, but money is to be made from them so no one is concerned about the far-reaching effects of their accusations against the Royal Family. Oprah Winfrey is handing a box of matches to these children with feigned surprise and shock as she sells an interview she had with the couple in which they unload on Harry’s family. The true motives of Meghan and Harry may even be hidden from themselves. This is why the qualities of understanding and forgiveness are so important to the long-term development of individuals.

The Queen has responded with the dignity and maturity one might expect. Why is this an important topic for Miss Constitution?

It is important to Miss Constitution because our Mother Country, England and then in combination with Scotland, Great Britain, helped create the notions embedded in our Constitution that provide the social stability so important to our thriving. These notions include The Rule of Law, Good and Stable Governance, Individual Liberty against Tyranny, Human and Civil Rights, World Peace and Goodwill, and all those aspects of Western Civilization that have created an environment for progress of the person within the boundaries of the Moral and with respect for the Unalienable Rights we have been graciously given by our Creator. Nothing symbolizes the above more than the Mercy ships or Doctors Without Borders that travel the globe helping ordinary citizens everywhere with state-of-the-art surgeries as a gift to humankind. The loaded charge of “racism”, thrown out indiscriminately all over the place whether true or not, threatens the weave in the fabric of our nation and in the stability of the world order. Unfortunately, it is thrown out in America as a charge of “systemic racism” that is not factual. Let Miss Constitution repeat that –Americans are not racist, but many are increasingly fed up with being accused of it. The accusation is thrown out in the Commonwealth of Nations against past “colonialism” that is considered the equivalent of “racism.” What is often missed is the extraordinary way the Commonwealth comes together in Commonwealth athletics and symposiums and other specialized gatherings that have the effect of sharing different cultures and different ways of solving human problems that uplifts all the nations so joined. There is a unity among them in their admiration for the Queen that inspires social progress in their individual countries. The Queen loves the Commonwealth and all the cultures represented. To deliberately light the dried kindling of false racial propaganda now prevalent around the world is unfair if not immoral.

The Queen has responded that she is saddened to hear such an accusation, has investigated the charge, and found conflicting remembrances. She also reiterates her support and love for Harry and Meghan. Why should Americans care?

Americans should care because our system is anchored in the “Rights of Man” that the British Commonwealth represents. America tried an experiment in self-government in lieu of the British monarchy and ancient ruling families. It worked for a while but is now disintegrating before our eyes as we have found ourselves without people of “class” and patriotism to guide and inspire us. We are without a George Washington, a John Dickinson, an Abraham Lincoln, a Thomas B. Reed, a Frederick Douglass, a General George C. Marshall, or a Marian Anderson. We are left with a Harry Windsor instead of an Elizabeth II. We are left with an Al Sharpton instead of a Carol Swain. The British monarchy holds it all together for Great Britain and the Commonwealth as our Constitution once did for the United States. The modern Commonwealth of Nations, formed in 1949, includes 54 nations with Elizabeth II head of the Commonwealth and Head of State in sixteen countries. These sixteen countries are actually run by elected Governors-General. The Queen’s power is symbolic but provides the same pull at the heartstrings as our National Anthem once did or our flag in parade or our vaunted United States Constitution with its unique Bill of Rights.

The gift of Great Britain is its impeccable ability to administer whole societies efficiently, so that individuals within those societies have a stable and properly functioning system within which they can prosper. The British genius in administration is why, when interviewed, a half-brother of Barrack Obama said that as a Kenyan he was sorry that the British had not stayed longer. Had they stayed longer we would be much better off, he said. Miss Constitution has always appreciated what we inherited in Common Law, language, and culture from the British. That we are now in a Constitutional free-fall in America illuminates how quickly it can all disintegrate without a shared treasure that binds. Queen Elizabeth is that treasure for Great Britain and the members of the Commonwealth nations. Those that leave because of what Harry and Meghan contend may come to regret it. Watching how quickly persons in authority, supported by some of the public, are abandoning the Constitution in America has led Miss Constitution to wonder if we might have made a mistake, as well.

“Oh, come on, Miss Constitution you are exaggerating the wonders of British administration and also exaggerating the demise of our Constitutional Liberties. Some people are racist. We love the Constitution but it gets in the way of our high-speed journey to Utopia. Can’t you understand that? The Constitution is a little old-fashioned, was written when America had slavery, and one has to study it to understand its full implications. One has to study History, too, and Philosophy, and Theology, and Civics. It takes a lot of work. We don’t have time and are a little ashamed.”

Miss Constitution can understand – in a way. But an individual is different than a society. America shed its blood and opened its treasury to end slavery and has finally eliminated any racist laws in the country. This is the human progress our system encourages and the progress we should appreciate not be ashamed of. Perhaps as you make your fast-track way to Utopia you might take the time to notice that Liberty of the Person, a precious gift to all races, is being lost and its loss is supported by large numbers of Americans. Perhaps you might notice the devastation to America’s children, of all races, as they are raised without moral values, strict standards, or true education. Perhaps you will notice that unfair fault is found with all the things that used to bind us as a nation. We have no impeccable Queen to hold us together. Perhaps you will notice that America, now, is mocked and disrespected by those who wish us harm. We are certainly not feared. This fact might mean grave harm to all races.

Perhaps you will take a moment to think twice about the matches in children’s hands that ignite everything, before you hop back on the high-speed train to a destination you may come to regret. One day, that regret might extend to Harry and Meghan. Miss Constitution does say, in hopes you will listen and without any regret or shame whatsoever, “God Save The Queen and may God Bless America.

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