Published On: May 11th, 2022

“Plurality should not be posited without necessity.” William of Ockham, 1285-1349, English theologian and philosopher.

Translation: simple solutions are preferable. Last week in an article entitled, American Terror, I posited that one tactic in the domestic Terror Campaign against our Constitutional Republic is bombarding the American psyche with so many crises at one time that the Sovereign becomes paralyzed. The following domestic issues are on the public plate at this moment in time:


No immigration and naturalization law or US Constitutional provision allows open American borders. Congress is the only federal branch that has the legal authority to pass federal law. If the Executive Branch thinks open-border policy beneficial to the country it must get Congressional approval for that policy. That Congress has not acted must be accepted as its will and the current law enforced.

In addition, no federal law or US Constitutional provision allows the Executive Branch of the federal government to entice and/or assist criminal cartels in child sexual abuse, abandonment, drowning, drug smuggling, human organ smuggling, gang activity, or foreign terrorism, among other things. The Secretary of Homeland Security’s statement that the southern border is “operationally secure” is factually untrue. The President’s pledge to “faithfully execute the law” through his Cabinet appointments has been broken. Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868 for just such an act.

William of Ockham solution: Congressional business is halted until American borders are secured. Minimally, the Secretary of Homeland Security should be held in contempt of Congress for perjury.


The US Constitutional provision preventing government from abridging free speech has been interpreted extensively by the Supreme Court. The speech in question must be about public policy or “political” speech. Free speech protections do not extend to slander, obscenities, fighting words, or incitements to violence, treason, or illegal actions. All sides of a public issue are protected.

There is no such thing as disinformation or misinformation regarding speech on public policy. The public or Sovereign decides what is true and guides policy through representatives sent to Congress. Arguments for an open border, for instance, are weighed against arguments against an open border. Since there is no such thing as disinformation regarding public policy, the proposed federal Disinformation Board is unconstitutional. If Congress thinks censorship of policy positions a good idea, the US Constitution provides for an amendment process, one of which begins in Congress, to change or eliminate the free political speech provisions of the 1st Amendment.

William of Ockham solution: Congress should pass a resolution in both Houses opposing a Disinformation Board housed in the Department of Homeland Security in the strongest possible language. Should this fail, all Congressional business should be halted until the idea is withdrawn or a vote on amending the US Constitution regarding the 1st Amendment is held.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic Congress passed massive spending bills aimed at coping with the disease. Some of the billions of dollars allocated, for what the public thought was updating physical school plants with new HVAC equipment and other infection protections, was sent through the Department of Education to address “inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic.” California used 15.1 billion for “implicit bias training and LGBTQ+ cultural competency.” Illinois received 5.1 billion for “equity and diversity.” New York received 9 billion for “implicit bias” training. And on and on.

The use of funds thought necessary by representatives of the People to ameliorate a disease but used instead to foster questionable ideological theories is a classic BAIT & SWITCH of public funds.

The same group involved in the BAIT & SWITCH is now trying to get Congress to pass the US Innovation and Competition Act supposedly to counter Communist China’s predatory economic behavior. What it actually does is add new bloated bureaucracies through the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, Commerce, and NASA that replace private-sector research and development efforts that are the backbone of our innovative and prosperous economy.

These schemes of excessive federal spending with hidden agendas tucked away from the public eye are one reason America has a shrinking gross national product and runaway inflation. Nineteen Republicans have signed on to this concoction of massive ineffective waste and fraud.

William of Ockham solution: Congressional business halted until America’s borders are secured, the proposed Disinformation Board withdrawn, and a study conducted by experts on how to handle Communist China’s hostile intentions toward the United States.

Michael Pillsbury of the Hudson Institute, the premier scholar and diplomat regarding Communist China, would lead this study effort with a bipartisan team of his choosing including members of Congress. The report would be due by October 1, 2022, and accessible to the public for public input on proposed legislation.

These are three of many issues bombarding us that need “William of Ockham” solutions. The object of public policy in a Constitutional Republic is public good.   Public good comes with transparency and faithfulness to the Constitution and the Rule of Law. George Orwell in 1984 explains its opposite:

“The object of Terrorism is terrorism. The object of Oppression is oppression. The object of Torture is torture. The object of Murder is murder. The object of Power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?”

Yes, we do.

The object of Submission is submission. The object of Replacement is replacement. The object of Deceit is deceit. All must stop until the curtain of cunning is pulled back and the Sovereign has a chance to assess, to weep, to pray, and to move forward as best she can, with any virtuous public servants of either party that remain.

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