Published On: June 17th, 2021

Last week, in Yuka Saso, Miss Constitution brought to your attention a remarkable feat by a Filipino teenager in the US Women’s Open Golf Tournament in San Francisco. This would not have been possible without the careful attention of her parents and the values of hard work and perseverance they obviously helped instill in her. Her parents, however, did not have to play the four days of competition against the world’s best on a very difficult course. Yuka herself had to rise to the occasion. This is the promise of America from the beginning – the development of the individual person. But this is only half of the story. We ask that, given the opportunity to develop freely, one must then give back to the society that made it all possible. This is our critical Moral Bargain. It is a great concept, but has worked unevenly in America given the nature of human beings. There are those who find success but then forget the “giving back” part and let hubris and arrogance overwhelm the gratefulness and humility they are required to display. The Moral Bargain requires Moral Law, and that Law comes from the Ten Commandments of Judaism and the Two Commandments of Christianity. We are not a secular society in what we require, we allow the secular as an individual Liberty. Our country is founded in religion and the development of the person. We became a stable society, in part, because of citizen willingness to honor the four bundles of the Rule of Law – Moral Law, Natural Law, Positive Law, and Unwritten Law – and because society was grounded in God first, then country, then self.

If one wanted to attack America, then, one would attack her moral and religious core and one would attack the concept of the development of the person. The group over the person is called collectivism, so the philosophy that would cause the most harm to our nation could be called Secular Collectivism. A great deal of attention has been paid to the social constructions of Karl Marx that promote both the secular and the collective and imply that the great battle of civilizations is between the Democracies and Totalitarian states or our Constitutional Republic versus Socialist or Communist regimes. These popular conclusions, however, do not seem to Miss Constitution to tell the whole story. What we are experiencing today seems to be a deliberate internal deconstruct of the concept of a Moral Core, of the concept of a Moral Bargain, of Religion, and the Rule of Law. There could be no other explanation for the twisted and perverted sex education that has been introduced to 1st graders, or Critical Race Theory jammed through school boards as social justice, or the 1619 Project that has no basis in fact, or the defunding and humiliation of Law Enforcement, or the burning of businesses and public buildings, or any of the other inexplicable public policies, that encourage theft, violence, and mayhem. Allowing a million unvetted people to enter our country illegally guarantees cells are being formed all over the country that will be unleashed at some point in time to harm our infrastructure and injure our people. So Miss Constitution is positing an additional construct. What if the battle between governing philosophies is not about the philosophies but the profitability of the battle itself?

In other words, who or what profits from social chaos and conflict? Miss Constitution has come to the conclusion that it is some private central banking in all but five or six nations on earth and the global World Bank and International Monetary Fund that are a part of the problem. As Vladimir Lenin said, Communizing is 90% central banking. These private banks make money when societies collapse or are fearful and when societies are at war. They take government deposits and make loans that are collateralized by the nation, and profit privately from the interest that is charged whether for war materiel, recovery, or massive spending attached to fear an chaos. Interconnected banking interests fund all sides in war and foment internal unrest to keep conflicts alive and incredible amounts of money flowing in. Within a web of nice-sounding organizations and benign-sounding councils funded by these private banks, chaos can be organized and created in any society on earth. It has been created in America and we are experiencing the deliberate unleashing of it now. Groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are not organic organizations arising from real issues of concern. They are created to become visual when an incident arises that suits a narrative. Race, not class, is the issue in our country that motivates discord. When called upon to to investigate racial hate crimes on campus, many authorities are discovering that racial issues have to be made up to exist. Sometimes the perpetrators are expelled from school, but the idea of looking for something that does not exist or creating a hoax is becoming commonplace. Designating “white supremacy” as our greatest domestic threat is part of this hoax. Chaos within a society can create in human beings such a need for stability and peace that the loss of Civil Liberties is gradually accepted. More and bigger government is called in to help with the parallel loss of individual rights.  A glaring example is the funding by globalist George Soros of District Attorneys who will not prosecute crime. Looting becomes brazen at any time of day. Credit tenants important to communities such as drug stores and food stores close because of security issues and financial loss. This phenomenon of placing chaos-creators in important local positions or funding campaigns of mayors and governors who allow chaos in their communities and states is all part of the same design.   It is very hard to connect all the historic dots but it has been going on for over 100 years. We are just at the final stages every citizen can see and feel because America was thought of as too difficult to conquer. We know by these concerted actions that corruption has reached all levels of our governmental structure, with bankruptcy a distinct possibility at these levels of reckless spending.

You will recall in recent articles called Warping the American Mind, Parts I and II, Miss Constitution was puzzled by the decisions of Franklin Delano Roosevelt regarding the Soviet Union. I could offer no motive for his decision to enslave Eastern Europe behind an Iron Curtain after the war and allow the Soviet Union to develop nuclear capabilities. I could not understand why he would tolerate massive infiltration of the federal government by Soviet spies. Perhaps it is because he was never really in charge of those decisions. General Eisenhower later described what Miss Constitution is talking about as the Military-Industrial-Complex. This is as far as he would go. Miss Constitution would call it the Military-Industrial-Banking Complex. America resisted private central banking for a long time. The charter for Alexander Hamilton’s First Bank of the United States was not renewed in 1811. Both Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln vehemently resisted this type of system before, during, and after the Civil War because they knew power would transfer to global banking interests rather than the citizens of the United States. We did not surrender to it as a nation until 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created and Woodrow Wilson deliberately or haplessly signed onto it. We held off the global cabal for 102 years. From 1913 forward, however, there has been nothing but war and unspeakable chaos everywhere. The machinery of death became awesome and merciless. It is awesome and merciless now. The moral core of America and its leaders was gradually compromised.

If nothing else, one can see the importance of knowing and understanding history. If we continue to accept the final stages of decline and surrender the story of Yuka Saso that we began with will be impossible. The concepts of a Moral Core, of a Moral Bargain, of Moral Law, will not exist. We need to step back from the precipice and re-examine – not to isolate ourselves from humanity, but to isolate ourselves from a force we cannot handle. We do not belong in the cabal of the globally corrupt. We do not belong in the global lodge of the Satanic. There is only one entity that has power over this other than God himself. That entity is We the People. In addition to the decisions we each can make regarding our own Moral Core, We the People can say firmly that we will not stand for any more of this manufactured chaos. We the People can say firmly that we do not want to “be back” into global war-making and dismembering. We must do it ourselves as our institutions have failed us, and we must dig deep inside ourselves to find the strength – just as Yuka Saso had to do in the 2021 US Women’s Open.

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