Published On: June 23rd, 2021

Last week in We Are All in the US Open Now, Miss Constitution posited that the Federal Reserve weakens our nation by indebting us forever to private banks. Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and even John F. Kennedy knew America itself had to be in charge of its currency, not private banks that loan money to the government at interest. Not only are we bankrupting ourselves, but some of the collateral for that debt is possibly in the hands of the United Nations and its tangled alliances. Some of the great resources of the nation – our land, and the wealth beneath our land within national parks – have been placed, by Treaty, into biosphere reserves and other trusts under the legal protection of the United Nations. Within the UN Man & Biosphere Programme, (a coordinating Council consisting of representatives from 21 countries elected by the UN General Assembly), protocols are created that include preventive and corrective measures related to those sites. Cultural sites and their protection are worthy goals of humankind and Miss Constitution fully supports voluntary historic preservation and careful attention to cultural and environmental treasures! Tourism increases dramatically for any site designated a World Heritage Site and tourism is very important for the economy of many countries. What Miss Constitution would not want to see is any connection to our national debt or alteration of private property rights under our Rule of Law. Some of the representatives on the Council may have motives in conflict with the best interests of our nation. Presumably, the United States could remove current sites now designated although that ability is not clear. Below is a partial list of what is under UN protection now:

The Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, Monticello and other Thomas Jefferson properties, the University of Virginia, the state capitol of Virginia, Ellis Island, Central Park, eight Frank Lloyd Wright structures, Brooklyn Bridge, Chicago Skyscrapers, Mt. Vernon, Mesa Verde Natl Park, Yellowstone Natl Park, most of Alaska, the Grand Canyon, the Everglades, Redwood Natl Parks, Mammoth Cave Natl Park, Olympic Natl Park, Cahokia Mounds, Great Smoky Natl Park, Yosemite Natl Park, Chaco Natl Park, Hawaii Volcanoes Natl Park, Taos Pueblo, Carlsbad Caverns, Waterloo Glacier, San Antonio Missions, Big Bend Natl Park, the Petrified Forest, all properties within the California Conservation Complex, some churches involved with the civil rights movement, Hopewell Earthworks, Moravian Church settlements, Okefenokee Natl Wildlife Refuge, White Sands, and other sites within territories of the United States.

The UN has created three types of protected zones around any World Heritage Site & Biosphere Reserve – a Core area, a Buffer zone, and a Transition area. The Core area is the land around the site itself, the Buffer Zone is land surrounding the Core area, and the Transition area is the land populated around the Buffer zone and Core area. Preventive and protective measures around urban expansion, highways, dams and hydroelectric power, pipelines, farming, including drainage and irrigation, airfields, mining, quarrying, and dredging affect not just the site itself but the Buffer zone and the Transition areas that have nothing to do with the site. So, in addition to the massive administrative-state regulation of private property within the United States by federal and state governments, have we voluntarily transferred more regulation and bureaucracy to the United Nations? More importantly, have we collateralized some of the wealth of the nation within these sites to those to whom our nation owes debt? Miss Constitution thinks we need answers to these questions.

The United Nations was envisioned, as was the League of Nations after WWI, as a cooperative body that, in maintaining dialogue and cultural exchange, could help avert future war and global destruction. What it has become is a web of global notions in opposition to nation-states and more importantly in opposition to ownership rather than use of private property. The entire left-wing agenda that wraps itself in the language of social justice, climate change, and environmental protection is represented by the UN plan for sustainable development known as Agenda 21. The entity that carries this agenda out is the Internal Council for Local Government Initiatives and other non-governmental organizations with titles such as the Wildlands Project and Obama’s White House Rural Council. The idea is to challenge, through community organizing, the very foundations of our Rule of Law and to effectively melt away America as a sovereign nation whose citizens have unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and Property. The very banks we owe debt to have formed the World Conservation Bank and the World Wilderness Land Inventory Trust not to mention the World Bank for the very purpose of moving the property wealth of nations to their control. If our society itself cooperates in its own demise under the guise of a manufactured fear of a man-made changing climate or environmental priorities, so much the better in the UN’s and the global bankers’ view. We are experiencing the tactic of internal cultural revolution as part of this globalization plan. When figured out, and the inevitable push-back comes, it is to be labeled a “white supremacy insurrection” and marginalized. That is why the Attorney General designated “white supremacy” as the greatest domestic threat to the nation. He and the Administration know Americans will eventually figure out what is going on and object strenuously.

What a mess. By debt or ideology we are losing our country. First, the historic mistakes are no one’s fault now living. These happened over 100 years ago. The understanding of and appreciation for our Constitutional system gave way to the corrupt. We are simply at the end stages of that corruption. Woodrow Wilson himself, having signed the power of the nation over to private bankers in 1913 said, “I have unwittingly ruined my country.” What Miss Constitution recommends we do is just step back and assess what has happened and where we are. These are the realities we, as a nation, must face:

  1. Our national debt is real. It is not money we owe ourselves. It is money we owe to others. The more insane the spending the more urgent the demand by our creditors for collateral.
  2. Governments are not wealth creators but wealth distributors. Our wealth is created by the private sector, partly in manufacturing and export, and these functions must be enhanced, protected, and supported. If a ship comes in with goods we buy it must go out with goods we sell. We not only need to be energy independent we need to sell our energy and pay down the debt with part of the proceeds.
  3. Our military cannot now defeat our primary foes. There is no such thing as a functioning “woke” military. We must upgrade our Navy and our defensive weapons systems, especially in space.

These are the action steps we must take as individuals, immediately:

  1. Save the children first. Do not allow any child to be subjected to the poison of Critical Race Theory or the 1619 Project. The Sexualization of children in public schools must be stopped immediately.
  2. Demand that local leaders support public safety and private property rights.
  3. End addiction to social media and boycott companies that support the cultural revolution.

Miss Constitution is aware that the larger context of these issues awaits a responsible Congress. But the cultural revolution, which is a part of the whole scheme, can be addressed by each of us and the individual decisions we make about ourselves and our lives. For the nation to have a Moral Core, we each must have a Moral Core. It starts with Moral Law – our foundations in faith. Had we paid attention to the Farewell Address of George Washington we would not be in the situation we are in now. For a non-partisan overview of what the system is, how it was developed, and why it is important to the world that it be maintained, you might enjoy my book, Apples of Gold – Voices From the Past that Speak to Us Now. It is available at using the title and subtitle.

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