Published On: April 19th, 2023

Miss Constitution retains her faith in the judicial system and in the Doctrine of the Black Robe, a theory that America’s judges are transformed in their robing rooms into neutral jurists who fairly apply the Rule of Law unrelated to whether they are appointed or elected.

This faith has been strained lately by the indictment of Donald Trump by a New York Grand Jury for a “Catch and Kill” scheme (a name given by the District Attorney bringing the case) that begins with a claim that his business records in New York were deliberately mischaracterized to cover up a federal crime related to federal campaign finance laws. The federal crime’s victim is the American people.

How were the American people victimized?  The New York District Attorney’s theory is that no American would have voted for Donald Trump as President of the United States in 2016 if they had known he had legal non-disclosure agreements in play before he ran for President. The People were defrauded of their opportunity to vote for Hillary Clinton by omitting information required by federal law.


Miss Constitution advises that we all let the indictment play out in the hopes that the mystery and reality of the Doctrine of the Black Robe proves true.  There will be a motions practice in full swing and the case should be handled quickly, as delay itself could prove to be Election Interference in the Presidential election of 2024.  While Miss Constitution does not know what “catch and kill” means relative to the above indictment, she thinks it represents the reality of what has actually happened to America since the turn of the 20th century and explains what we are going through today.

If how we got to this point were not factual history, it would make an excellent Daniel Silva novel.  No one to date has been able to put all the pieces together to tell a coherent story.  Miss Constitution will give it a try.  The “catch”, after 1787, was always to control or re-colonize the United States. The “kill” was to use her financially, if she could not be overtaken, until she was no longer of any use.  We are at the “kill” stage now.

Who is responsible for the plan to control and use America?  Great Britain, initially.  The Mother of our common law and language?  Yes. The home of Shakespeare and Walter Scott?  Yes.  The womb of the impeccable Elizabeth II?  I’m afraid so. For background, Miss Constitution recommends you read the following of her blogs:  China’s Big Balloon and the American Experience; Follow the Money Parts I & II; Down the Garden Path; and What Evil is This? 

Here’s a small part of the background of the story.

Private bankers controlling governments (through private loans to those governments) started with Amschel Mayer Rothschild in 1760.  His five sons set up private central banks in England, France, Austria, Italy, and Germany.  They made tremendous wealth through funding both sides of war.  They created a “balance of power” between European nations so that whoever lost could pay reparations interest to the banks and the winner could pay back principal plus interest to the banks.  It was a win/win for private central banks.  The Bank of England was the leader.  The bank declared who would win and who would lose. War was fostered, resistance demonized (the Sedition Act of 1918), and the seeds of new war planted.

Along comes Germany in 1871, a new nation-state that wanted to enter world power politics.  The Bank of England said “no” as the balance of power in Europe would be altered.  Germany pushed ahead anyway. The American people, having resisted the banking scheme twice (with the assassination of two Presidents and one attempted assassination to show for it) wanted no part of the cesspool that was Europe. The European banking cartel, having set up agents and branches in America, finally found a President and a Congress willing to create a privately-held central banking system – the Federal Reserve – controlled by them. The cartel also, through a huge propaganda campaign, pushed us into one of their wars. The “war to end all wars.”  The war that set America on a path from which she has never recovered.

After the needless World War I the rest of the American story is nothing but wars, expensive peace, artificially created financial panics, new wars, global power grabs in concert with secret societies, and now bankruptcy.  Our economic power to correct through productivity and innovation has been transferred elsewhere or stolen. American Presidents and members of Congress are routinely “purchased” or hamstrung to keep the “kill” going.  Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of J. P. Morgan Chase, one of the cartel banks, announced a few days ago that the American government should use Eminent Domain to turn our precious farmland into solar panels that may leak dangerous chemicals into our groundwater.  “Climate Change” is the new “Stop the Hun” propaganda tactic to encourage Americans to surrender their sovereignty to the One World Order cabal.  Who is to blame for all of this?

The American people are to blame.  Edward Bernays, a propagandist of World War I, after testing the American people, said that 87% form opinions without critical thought.  To the other 13%, if there are that many left, Miss Constitution would say:

  1. Make investigations mean something. The Pujo Commission 1912-13 has volumes on the “money trusts” and their aims. The Nye Commission spent 1934-36 investigating untoward profits of WWI. Nye criticized (rightly) Woodrow Wilson and the investigation came to an abrupt end.   The Venona files came out in 1991 and proved the extent of Communist Party infiltration in our federal and state governments. No one has read them or seems to care.
  2. Throw the whole crowd out. The house cannot just be “cleaned up a bit.” Find out what the rules are in our US Constitution. Demand we pull back from these international entanglements until we get a plan for our debt and renewed economic productivity.  Manipulated interest rates by the Federal Reserve are no answer to anything.  Congress should create a new way to print our currency.  Reinstate some kind of metallic backing for the dollar.  This is not isolationism, this is prudent stewardship.
  3. Decide whether you think America should exist. If no, do nothing; if yes, do something. We have no borders, we have a weakened military, spy balloons identify our defenses, and our allies do not respect us nor should they.  John F. Kennedy tried to move away from the banking cartel by issuing silver certificates from our Treasury.  He was assassinated.  An assassin tried to shoot Andrew Jackson for opposing the cartel but failed.  Jackson called the English-led European banking cartel “vipers.”  If the American people wake up, we can stop this monstrous 200+ year plan to “kill” America.  There is no time left.

“I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear.  Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe.  Corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow.”  Attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

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